2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar Review

Did you ever wonder how is it possible that there is no hypercar that comes from the United States? This country is the greatest car market in the world. It is also the home of three great car companies. After all, most of luxury, exotic and sports cars are sold here. The 2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar is going to change this state.

This company already has some serious portfolio in the car industry. It produced carbon fiber panels for the famous Singer reimagined 911s, as well as stunning Ford GR-1 and Kia GT4 Stinger concept. Now the company turns to the production of complete cars.

There are two exclusive models to come from this manufacturer. Besides the new 2019 FXE Hybrid Hypercar, we will see its more conventional FE sibling. This version will feature a classic gasoline powertrain. But, let’s go back to this more interesting hybrid model.

2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar

2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar design and features

The company has big ambitions with this model. Latest happenings in the car industry made plenty of space for those small companies. For example, there are new regulations that reduce the burden of crash testing on low-volume manufacturers. Also, new 3D printing technologies are more affordable nowadays. This allows lower costs of tooling for the production of small series. The new 2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar will feature some advanced technologies. Although we didn’t get any official statement, new models will not include just carbon fiber.

We will also see some brand-new composite materials. All this should provide great rigidity, but still significant weight reduction. According to latest reports, we are about to see an amazing pounds to horsepower ratio. The new 2019 FXE Hybrid Hypercar will feature curb weight of 3450 pounds, exactly even 3.0 pounds/horsepower ratio. This sounds quite promising when it comes to performances.

2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar side view

2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar powertrain details

Right behind the passenger, you will find a mighty small-block V8 gasoline engine. It features an impressive amount of power. It goes around 720 horsepower. This unit will take care of rear wheels. On the other side, the front axle will use the power from two electric motors. The 2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar will feature a pair of axial-flux induction electric motors which will add another 540 horses.

This sounds pretty amazing already. However, we should consider that electric motors and gasoline engine have their peaks at different rpm. We can’t just simply sum these numbers. So, the total output will go around 1.150 horsepower and 1.316 pound-feet of torque, which is amazing. It is also important to mention that company still looks for a proper transmission. The one that could handle this huge amount of torque. Although not confirmed yet, the renowned manufacturer Xtrac should get the contract.

2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar rear view

2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar release date and price

The stylish 2019 Aria FXE Hybrid Hypercar with scarab-wing-style doors is on its way. We expect the new hypercar will make a real state of utter confusion among most of the exotic car manufacturers. It will be an all-American car. But, there is no reason to believe that orders for other parts of the world will be missing. The road tests should start quite soon. So, expect some exclusive images during next year.

The exact release date is still in question. However, some reports suggest late 2019 as the possible arrival date. We will also have to wait for some details about price. However, many reports already suggest that the new model will definitely cost over 1 million dollars. The new 2019 FXE Hybrid Hypercar will be produced in Irvin, California.

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