Audi Aicon is fully autonomous electric vehicle

The German premium car maker is coming with a completely new concept called Audi Aicon, which brings some of the most advanced design solutions in the car industry. We didn’t use to see revolutionary things from the German manufacturer, but this time is different. This is a completely autonomous car. Moreover, it features an all-electric powertrain, which comes not only with the amazing amount of power but also with absolutely astonishing range. It is a huge car, even bigger that company’s flagship A8. With this car, it is all about comfort. It doesn’t just go autonomously but also features stupendous level of comfort. It comes with a four-door design, but we would say that it is primarily designed for two. The new concept comes to the Frankfurt Motor Show as one of the highlights. However, it is hard to tell when or will the Audi Aicon ever enter serial production.

Audi Aicon

Audi Aicon design

Well, serial production is quite questionable but this model brings so many novelties. The Audi Aicon is a concept that definitely brings the future. Self-drive cars always looked like a far future, but here we are. In front of us, there is a vehicle that is completely autonomous. Its design is pretty amazing. As we already mentioned, this is one huge car. It is also 18 feet long, so it is not wondering that huge 26-wheel doesn’t look too big at all, but quite appropriate. Other interesting design solutions are here two. This model doesn’t feature a B-pillar, so it comes with portal-like doors that open front and rear. Also, an interesting detail is that the Aicon doesn’t have headlights at all since it completely relies on artificial intelligence. It only features unique lights for signalization, while the computer relies on various sensors to detect other cars, pedestrians etc.

Audi Aicon interior design

This concept is also about luxury, besides advanced technologies and design solutions. It is designed to provide a maximum comfort. So, don’t be surprised when you see chair-like seats and enormous space. With this car, you will definitely be able to rest yourself during a long journey. One of the most controversial things about this concept is safety. According to the company, this car doesn’t need things like seatbelts, airbags and other things at all. Computers are in a full charge, so you can forget accidents and similar things. This might sound creepy, but the company has the point in some way. When it comes to the instruments, this concept features a huge screen at the front, which shares all necessary information. There are tracking cameras, voice control modules, and haptic surfaces inside. It is pretty much the same as in common car, but there are no pedals and steering wheel.

Audi Aicon interior

Audi Aicon powertrain

The Audi Aicon in its concept version comes with a pretty advanced powertrain. The whole system comes with four electric motors, which makes the total output of 349 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. This amount of power probably does not sound so impressive to you at all, since there are so many quite affordable cars with this output on the market, both electrified and with conventional diesel and gasoline engines. However, we believe that there is no car at the moment with such amazing range. According to some reports, this car can make around 460 miles with one charge. In ideal conditions, it could go all away up to 500 horses. Also, there is a quick charge option, where you can recharge 80 percent of your batter in just 30 minutes.

Audi Aicon rear view

Audi Aicon future

The Audi Aicon is just a concept at the moment. For a car that had its premiere less than a week ago, it is hard to predict things like production, exact specs, and launch date especially when the company doesn’t give any official information. For now, we can just admire this amazing achievement and wait for some new information in the future.

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