2018 BMW i3

After four years of production, this electric city car proved itself as a great vehicle and it looks like the 2018 BMW i3 will feature no changes. As you probably know, this model originally came in 2013 and it is the first electric vehicle from the Bavarian manufacturer. After three years of production, the company did an update for the 2017 year model.

This refresh brought several changes, but the most important is a new bigger battery, with a capacity of 33 kWh instead of 22. In other aspects, it remains pretty much the same. There is a familiar design, which features BMW’s familiar flavor, but also makes clear that this car is electrified. So, if we consider the last-year update, it is pretty much for sure that the 2018 i3 will come without bigger changes. It will come in usual time, somewhere late in the year.

2018 BMW i3

2018 BMW i3 redesign

As we already mentioned, the 2018 BMW i3 will continue without bigger changes. We will see the same base characteristics and same styling as well. It features an advanced design, which is characterized by a massive use of lightweight materials. A big majority of parts is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. This is pretty clear at the first sight because company definitely had an intention to make this visible. In terms of styling, this car stands out, compared to other models from the lineup. It doesn’t feature brand’s famous sporty premium appearance, but more like a real city car, with plenty of practical design solutions.

When it comes to the interior design, you can clearly see Bavarian flavor. This model features pretty familiar dashboard design, although there are plenty of new details, especially in terms of instrumentation, which is pretty much usual for electric cars.

2018 BMW i3 interior

2018 BMW i3 features

The 2018 BMW i3 will come with plenty of standard features. This model comes with plenty of space, even for back passengers. Heated seats and cloth upholstery are standard features, while leather is optional. Some of the notable standard features are automatic climate control, Bluetooth, HD Radio, satellite radio, push-button start and rear parking sensors. This electric car comes with a standard 6.5-inch touchscreen, which comes with the latest version of the company’s infotainment system that includes navigation as well.

There are also some additional optional features, such as 12-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, a moonroof, front parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, a rearview camera, and active parallel park assist.

2018 BMW i3 powertrain

The 2018 BMW i3 will continue in the same way when it comes to the powertrain. It is an electric car, which features a 170-hp electric motor. With this amount of power, you get pretty quick acceleration and smooth ride. It needs just 7.2 seconds for a 0-60 sprint, while a top speed is over 90 miles per hour. As we already mentioned, the last-year model came with larger 33-kWh battery pack, which is for about 50% more capacity compared to earlier models. This provides longer range, which now goes up to almost 120 miles. Fuel economy goes up to 120 MPGe.

2018 BMW i3 REx

The company also offers a range extender option. This version of the 2018 BMW i3 will include also a small two-cylinder 650cc gasoline engine. It doesn’t send power to wheels but acts as a generation. It comes with a small 1.9-gallon fuel tank and it produces additional electricity for the electric motor. This provides an extended range to 200 miles. However, it also adds some weight to the vehicle, so you should expect a little bit slower acceleration with this model.

2018 BMW i3 rear view

2018 BMW i3 release date and price

The 2018 BMW i3 will come in usual time, somewhere late in the year. We also don’t expect changes in price, so the base model should go around 43.000 dollars. When it comes to the competition, there are models like Chevrolet Bolt, VW e-Golf, Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric etc.

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