2018 BMW i5 SUV

The famous Bavarian car maker is likely to expand its offer of the electrified vehicle with the new 2018 BMW i5 SUV. The company already has few models of this kind, such as i3 and i8, but this should be something completely new. As you can see from its name, this will be an SUV. More precisely, it will be a crossover.

If we consider that these kinds of vehicles are extremely popular nowadays, this “electric crossover combination” should be the winning one. So far, we didn’t get official information about the new model, but there are some rumors that will help us to make the potential final picture. In terms of size, its number suggests a mid-size. It will come with a completely new platform, which will feature some of the latest design solutions that came with a new 7-Series, in terms of weight reduction etc.

2018 bmw i5 suv front view

2018 BMW i5 SUV design

The 2018 BMW i5 SUV will be something completely new from the Bavarian manufacturer. Of course, there are already few models in the company’s “i” lineup, but this will be a crossover. These vehicles are among the most demoing in the car industry. With the new electric powertrain, it should be a winning combination. The other models already doing pretty well, but this should be the real deal.

As we already mentioned, 2018 i5 SUV will utilize some new light materials, something that we recently saw on the new 7-Series. This will provide some massive weight savings, which is crucial for these kinds of vehicles, because they feature heavier powertrains, compared to the gasoline models. In terms of styling, we have already seen some pictures on the internet. It is clear that the new crossover will adopt the same design language as other electric models from the brand.

2018 bmw i5 suv interior

2018 BMW i5 SUV powertrain

Well, there are still some uncertainties with the powertrain of the new 2018 BMW i5 SUV. According to most reports, this model will feature a completely new, all-electric powertrain. This model is seen as a direct competitor of the amazing Tesla X model. So, we should expect plenty of power and amazing performances. A fuel economy and range are another aspects where we expect a lot from the new crossover.

According to some reports, we should expect the total range of more than 200 miles, while the fuel economy should go around 90 miles per gallon. Also, there are reports that the new 2018 BMW i5 SUV will come with different powertrain options. Besides electric motor, there is a big chance to see a plug-in hybrid too. This version should feature some of the familiar configurations from BMW, which will besides great performances also feature decent all-electric range.

2018 BMW i5 SUV competition

Despite the fact that there aren’t many models in the segment, competition is pretty tough. The main competitor will definitely be Tesla Model X. This crossover is characterized by amazing performances in all aspects. It features amazing range, astonishing acceleration, and speed, but also has much more to offer.

Since the new 2018 BMW i5 SUV should come in plug-in hybrid version too, we can consider hybrid crossovers from other premium brands. This primarily refers to the Audi Q7 Hybrid. This model combines diesel and electric source of power, something that isn’t so usual at the moment. Finally, there are hybrid SUVs from other premium brands, such as Lexus, Acura etc.

2018 bmw i5 suv rear view

2018 BMW i5 SUV release date and price

We still don’t know the exact release date of the 2018 BMW i5 SUV. Moreover, it is still unknown when it is going to come at all. Some optimistic predictions suggest late 2017 or early 2018. However, there is also a possibility to wait for the new SUV for another year or maybe even longer.

When it comes to the price, it is hard to predict some more precise numbers. But, we are sure that the new crossover won’t be as expensive as i8 for sure.

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