Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe Review, Concept, Release Date

The designer Ander Warming, the former boss at Mini, described the Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe as a carefully coordinated body shape with smooth transitions that create a perfect balance between precise lines and rounded organic shapes.

The Borgward had a strong presence in the luxury car market in the early to mid 20th century period. Usually, when someone thinks of a successful luxury car maker, they think it’s probably because of their designs, materials used, or even their attention to detail. The Borgward had a slightly different approach to making luxury cars.

Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe front

Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe – Modern Concept

The engineering prowess and ingenuity were what led to their success. They pioneered technologies such as automatic transmission and air suspension in luxury cars. Even with all the innovations, they brought to the market, they could not compete with larger companies like Volkswagen.

The VW used economies of scale to keep their prices low and expand their market base. The Borgward did try to implement a few cost reduction strategies but they led to quality issues. In 1961, the German brand was forced into liquidation.

Half a century later, the brand looks reinvigorated. The combination of Chinese capital and German engineering seems ideal for tackling the global auto market. The new 2+2 electric coupe unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motorshow, shows their forward thinking.

Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe interior

Aerodynamic Efficiency of the Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe

The aerodynamic efficiency plays a key role in this vehicle’s design. The aim was to create a stylistic synergy between beauty and technology.

Inspired from the achingly beautiful Isabella coupe from the late 50s, the new Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe combines the vintage two-tone color palette with flowing lines and a pillar-less mid-section of a modern concept.

Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe side

Design and Dimension

The Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe may not feature obvious design links to its predecessor, but the brand’s approach is carried forward. The interior is bound to divide opinions with its wild colors and center console with overlapping touchscreens. Measuring 5 meters in length and 1.9 meters in width the Isabella is probably the best example for the term ‘Flamboyant Modern Concept Car’.

Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe rear

Electric Drivetrain in the Borgward Isabella Electric Coupe

The design, however, is not the only point of this concept. Even though no specific details were shared, the company says the car would feature an electric drivetrain. Like the Audi R8 or the LFA by Lexus, the Isabella has also the potential to change the face of its brand. Furthermore, we expect its release date sometime in the near future.

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