2018 Honda Civic Hybrid

Only a few years after discontinuation, it looks like the company is going to bring back hybrid version of the iconic compact car, as 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid. This legend is one of the best-selling cars in car industry of all time. It is present for so many years that we have seen numerous versions of it so far. The current model is in the tenth generation and it came last year. With all new technologies and design solutions, it continues to be one of the key players on the market. After a great reception, it looks like the company is going to offer a hybrid version once again. However, expect some big changes compared to previous models. According to some unofficial reports, the new model will come in a sportier manner, with much more power and better performances. The 2018 Civic Hybrid should come next year.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid redesign

A hybrid version of this legend was in production in the period between 2001 and 2015. Few years after discontinuation, the company wants to bring back this model, but in a little bit different manner. The new model will be based on the tenth generation of Civic. The base design characteristics will be pretty much the same. It will ride on the same new platform which comes with a massive use of light materials. This will provide better performances, compared to the previous model. Base gasoline and diesel models are available in three body styles – sedan, hatchback, and coupe. So far, hybrid models were available in the sedan version. However, we won’t exclude other two body styles, especially hatchback. In terms of styling, new 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid will come pretty much the same as other versions of the tenth generation, including brand’s latest design language.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid rear view

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid features

The new generation of this model is available in several trim levels. On the other side, we believe that the 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid will come in a single trim. It should be much better equipped than the base gasoline model. Moreover, it will probably be fully loaded, with the big majority of latest technologies offered as standard features. Things like 7-inch touchscreen, dual-zone automatic climate control, USB ports, Bluetooth, smartphone integration will surely be standard. Also, driver-assistance and safety features like adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane-keep assist and road departure mitigation should be standard too. On the other side, some premium comfort features like leather upholstery, navigation or the premium audio system will probably be optional.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid interior

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid powertrain

The exact powertrain for the 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid is still unknown, but it is pretty much for sure that the new model will feature much more power. The previous version was more about fuel economy and it wasn’t much exciting to drive. The new version will be quite opposite. According to some reports, the new Civic will also feature company’s brand-new hybrid system consisted of two electric motors. These motors will come in a pair with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine. The total output should be significantly higher compared to the previous version, which wasn’t quite fast. Along with the new lighter body, new powertrain will provide much better performances and driving experience. This new model should be a direct rival to the new Golf GTE. It will also feature excellent fuel economy. The new 2018 Civic Hybrid should be good for more than 50 mpg, which is quite amazing.

2018 Honda Civic Hybrid release date

The exact date of launch is still unknown, but various reports suggest that 2018 Honda Civic Hybrid will come early next year. We still don’t know the exact price, but the company should release some details about it soon. When it comes to the competition, the main rival will be Golf GTE, but there are also models like Chevrolet Volt or even premium models like Audi A3 e-tron and Lexus CT 200h.

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