2018 Honda Insight

Only three years after discontinuation, the Japanese manufacturer is going to bring back this hybrid, as 2018 Honda Insight. The company started developing this model more than two decades ago. The concept model came in 1997, while the original production model came in 1999. It was a two-seat hatchback with a completely new powertrain technology. It was in production since 2006, but it never made some more notable success. After three years, the second generation finally came in 2009 and everyone expected that this car will finally become competitive to the legendary Prius. It was a true family car, which featured a more advanced powertrain and several other benefits. However, slow sales were once again the main reason for discontinuation in 2014. Nowadays, the company is going to make another try. The 2018 Insight will come with big improvements in terms of powertrain, but in other aspects too.

2018 Honda Insight

2018 Honda Insight redesign

So far, we only know that 2018 Honda Insight should come. When it comes to other details about base design characteristics, we must rely on rumors and our predictions. It is still unknown how big the new model will be. The previous model was a compact 5-door hatchback and we believe that the new model will come in the same manner. We don’t believe that the company will make some changes in size, while on the other side we could see some novelties in terms of body style. The previous model was available only as a hatchback, but some reports suggest that the 2018 Honda Insight could also come in a sedan version. This sounds quite possible, especially if we consider that North American drivers still prefer the sedan over hatchbacks. And, if we consider that the United States is the main market for hybrids, it all looks pretty clear.

2018 Honda Insight interior

2018 Honda Insight styling

This is the aspect where Honda must put much more efforts. A few decades ago, hybrid cars featured a funny futuristic look, but that is not the case nowadays. You can’t see the difference between electrified and conventional cars nowadays. So, we hope that the 2018 Honda Insight will be prettier than the previous generation. The second generation featured some funny details that were usual for older hybrids. Modern market demands not just ecology and economy, but also attractive styling and excellent driving characteristics. So, if the company wants to make a competitive car, it should design it in the manner of other models from the lineup, such as Accord and Civic, which are among most attractive in their segments. As we already mentioned, the 2018 Honda Insight will probably come both in sedan and hatchback version, so we hope that it will borrow some details from the new Civic.

2018 Honda Insight powertrain

The 2018 Honda Insight is going to come with a completely new hybrid powertrain. The whole Honda’s lineup will get a new hybrid powertrain, which company designed recently. There plenty of latest technologies that will provide better economy, significantly better performances, more exciting ride etc. It is a new system that consists of two electric motors that come together with a gasoline unit. Unlike the previous model, this one won’t be a mild hybrid. These two engines will be powerful enough to run the car on their own. Also, expect large battery pack, with capacity for some nice range. In terms of power, expect max output between 150 and 200 horsepower and even more torque.

2018 Honda Insight side view

2018 Honda Insight release date and price

The 2018 Honda Insight is expected to come late in the year. It is still hard to predict some more precise price but if we consider prices of the key players in the segment, the new hybrid should feature base price over 25.000 dollars. Competition in this segment is much tougher than before. Besides unbeatable Prius, there are also models like Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Niro, Audi A3 e-tron, Chevrolet Volt and many others.

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