2019 Honda Urban EV concept

The 2019 Honda Urban EV concept is one of many electric concepts that have their premiere at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show. However, this model comes in a little bit different manner. We have always considered a retro-modern fusion as something really cool, but Japanese manufacturer definitely takes it to the next level.

This model comes with a perfect combination of some classic design solutions and modern technologies. Basically, this is a classic car that comes with latest technology achievements. Besides its retro styling, there is much more. This model comes with classic design elements, such as retro 3-door hatchback shape, front bench instead of seats and plenty of other old-school details.

On the other side, there are some of the finest technologies that Honda achieved. Along with the advanced electric powertrain, there are many drive assistance features, active safety systems, and many other things.

2019 honda urban ev front view

2019 Honda Urban EV concept design

It is not unusual that companies use their old models as an inspiration for new ones. For example, there is a new Fiat 500, or even new Beatle. However, this is something completely different. We can’t say that we have seen this kind of approach before. The one thing that is clear is that the company uses the original Civic as an inspiration.

The 2019 Honda Urban EV concept features pretty small size. It is basically even smaller than Jazz. It comes in a classic 3-door hatchback shape that was common many decades ago. Many have noticed some similarities with the original Golf Mark I, but we think that is mostly because of round lights and white color, which was the most popular for the old hatch.

2019 honda urban ev side view

2019 Honda Urban EV concept styling

As we already mentioned, the 2019 Honda Urban EV concept comes in a retro manner. It is heavily inspired by the original Civic, featuring similar shape and aesthetic solutions. Its boxy shape includes old-school round headlights, which on the other side comes with LED technology. Taillights are square on the other side. You will also notice a large multi-spoke alloy wheels etc.

This minimalistic design also includes brand’s blue backlit badge, which will be used for all upcoming electric models from Honda. At the front end, you will find a large glass-like surface instead of a grille. It is actually a display. It can show various kinds of messages, such as greetings, phrases communicating to other drivers on the road, charging status etc.

2019 Honda Urban EV interior design

As much as we think that the exterior is fantastic, the interior design is even more amazing. This is where we see an amazing fusion of retro and futuristic design solutions. The first thing that you will notice that this concept features two benches, instead two rows of seats. You will see a front bench in a manner of old American cars, with no barrier between driver and passenger at all.

The 2019 Honda Urban EV features “seats” trimmed with a natural-gray fabric. Want some more retro details? Pretty much all areas of the cabin are covered with wood trim, including floating dashboard. On the dashboard, you will see a huge display that is so huge that it goes almost over the whole dahs. That is not all, there are also screens on both doors, which are here instead of outside mirrors, but also feature real-time cameras.

2019 Honda Urban EV powertrain

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any information about powertrain of the new 2019 Honda Urban EV. However, we are sure that this will be a completely new electric powertrain, which will Honda use for various future electric vehicles. It is hard to predict some numbers, but we are pretty sure that the new hatch will have some attitude and features great performances that will provide exciting drive.

2019 honda urban ev rear view

2019 Honda Urban EV production

The 2019 Honda Urban EV is just a concept for now. However, we are pretty sure that this hatch will enter serial production. Some reports suggest that the launch will be in 2019.

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