Honda is developing EVs that can be charged in just 15 minutes

The world of electric vehicles has seen many charging breakthroughs in the recent past, and Honda is developing EVs that can be charged in just 15 minutes.

The automaker has announced plans to enter the EV market with revolutionary technologies that could usher in mass production of electric vehicles. Honda says it will release new EVs with high-capacity batteries that reduce charging time to 15 minutes by 2022.

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The entities racing to advance the development of electric vehicles are factoring in costs among other variables, such as materials, battery density, onboard charging capability and charging output. Honda didn’t seem to prioritize the manufacturing of electric vehicles until very recently. It has even been hailed as the most renowned internal combustion engine manufacturer in the world.

Honda has always been considered a veteran car maker that focuses on the development of hydrogen fuel cars. However, the veteran manufacturer now has two electric vehicles in the works. The company has declared that will release two EVs in 2018.

Honda is joining the EV bandwagon at a time when most auto manufacturers have already released their electrified vehicles. The auto manufacturer feels confident on making electric cars that stand against Japanese rivals Nissan and Toyota. Earlier this year, the company revealed a dynamic charging system that would provide a near unlimited range for electric cars.

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A spokesman from Honda confirmed to us that the company is planning to unveil their new line of electric vehicles. Additionally, each of the inbound EVs will have a 240-kilometer range from a single 15-minute charge. It will mark a considerable advancement given how EV chargers of these days work.

Many of today’s EV chargers can take between 20 and 40 minutes to recharge EVs to 80 percent. A good case in point is Tesla’s network of superchargers, which require no less than 40 minutes to refill the EV batteries from empty. Meanwhile, some chargers take three to four hours to fully charge electric vehicles while others with slower charging points can take up to six to eight hours.

One of the stumbling blocks to the mass production of electric cars is their longer charging times. Many electric vehicles on offer take longer to charge than the time needed to refuel petrol and diesel cars. Fortunately, Honda’s electric cars will feature the supercharging technology along with a dynamic charging system. This will likely change the game for the better.

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A recent communication from Honda’s close ally says the success of this plan is dependent upon how fast other EV manufacturers can advance the battery and charging systems in their respective cars. Considering Honda’s current schedule, a lot of developments will take place in the next five years. This implies that a 15-minute charging time would already become an industry standard by 2022.

All in all, Honda has a promising goal for the electric vehicle enthusiasts out there. The company is confident that its EV goals and objectives will become a reality in the next few years. Honda says plans are underway to launch the first batch of EVs in Europe and Japan in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

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