The new 2019 Honda Insight Concept To Be Presented At Detroit

Honda has officially released eight teaser photos of the new 2019 Honda Insight concept to be presented at Detroit Auto Show in January 2018. The prototype of the incoming Honda Insight appears to be close to the production car as seen in the photos released by the company.

Honda ceased from producing the Insight nameplate back in the year 2014, but it looks like the automaker has opted to reintroduce this model once again.

2019 Honda Insight front

2019 Honda Insight – 5-Passenger Sedan Reflects the Civic and Accord

Our teaser images preview the next Insight as an upscale, 5-passenger sedan rather than a hatch. It includes a protracted hood alongside curvaceous body lines.

A Honda executive stated last week that the next Insight model sits above the Civic in the company’s lineup of passenger cars. The model comes as a sophisticated and spacious sedan, with high fuel efficiency and premium style. It also compares more closely to the Honda Accord and Civic than the Clarity series. Apparently, the company wants this vehicle to resonate better with its mainstream buyers.

2019 Honda Insight inside

The Honda senior vice president Henio Arcangeli Jr. said the following statement in a recent press release: “The next 2019 Honda Insight model presents a sophisticated styling with a dynamic stance and ample interior space. Its best-in-class performance is a direct incarnation of the automaker’s artistic approach to crafting electrified cars without the usual tradeoffs.”

You don’t have to be an electrification advocate in the quest to appreciate whatever the new Insight has in store for us. It is an impressive vehicle in its right, especially based on what we have beneath its hood. In comparison to the previous Insight, the new model brings an all-new design, premium features, and an upscale packaging. It also features advanced performance, as per what Honda said in a presser last week. Its fuel economy figures reflect those of compact hybrid vehicles.

2019 Honda Insight seats position

2019 Honda Insight – Engine Rumors

The Japanese automaker intends to have electrified cars make up two-thirds of its sales by 2030. The all-new Insight marks a step toward achieving this objective. Honda has scheduled the new Insight to go on sale next summer with a new hybrid engine. It built at its manufacturing facility in Greensburg, Indiana. Various reports indicate that the 2019 Honda Insight will acquire a two-motor hybrid system.

The Honda Accord pioneered this two-motor full hybrid engine system back in the year 2014. The word is of popular 2.0 liter DOHC Atkinson engine with two electric motors. The same system appears under the hood of the 2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid. Rumor has it that the next Honda CR-V Hybrid version will also utilize this unit. It is already up for grabs in the Chinese car market.

Unlike the mild-hybrid system featured in the first and second generation Insight models, the two-motor system makes it possible for the 2019 Honda Insight to run for 1 mile and beyond. In the previous Insight editions, the small mild-hybrid unit could not run the vehicle on electric juice alone.

2019 Honda Insight rear

2019 Honda Insight – Launch Date and Cost

Arcangeli stated in a presser that the 2019 Honda Insight is scheduled for launch in the Detroit Auto Show. Honda intends to build the next Honda Insight, Civic, and CR-V at their Greensburg facility in Indiana.

Pricing reports are still under wraps. But we know the inbound Insight will demonstrate the company’s commitment to making two-thirds of its global car sales electrified vehicles before 2030.

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