2019 Mini Electric Review, Price, Specs

After the last-year presentation of a concept, production version of the new all-electric model from the British manufacturer will come as 2019 Mini Electric. The recent concept brought to us many new interesting design solutions. Also, we have seen that the production model is pretty close. A development of the Mini’s first all-electric car is in the advanced stage. So, latest reports suggest its arrival already for the next year. This fast development shouldn’t surprise you.

Mini is a part of the BMW Group, which is one of the first companies that started with the electrification of its models. The whole group expects a much bigger share of electric models on the markets. So, it is not wondering that there is a whole bunch of new models to come. Of course, most of them will be hybrids at the beginning, but there is also a capacity for the all-electric models.

2019 Mini Electric front view

2019 Mini Electric redesign

As we already mentioned, the electrification process already started. This group already has several hybrid and all-electric models in the offer. So far, there is one plug-in hybrid car under Mini badge. This state is going to change pretty soon. The all-new 2019 Mini Electric is about to come next year. A concept version came several months ago and we can clearly see that things are going pretty fast. The new all-electric model from Mini will come in brand’s familiar manner. Despite its electric nature, it will completely follow Mini’s design philosophy in all aspects.

We are about to see a familiar shape, although there are many new details on the concept version. Also, some reorganization inside the new 2019 Mini Electric is necessary, which will provide a more efficient use of space. Electric cars demand additional space for the battery, while Mini cars usually feature pretty modest dimensions.

2019 Mini Electric review

2019 Mini Electric styling

The 2019 Mini Electric is about to features brand’s recognizable trademarks for sure. However, we are about to see various novelties in this aspect. The new model has been previewed with the Concept version at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. For this occasion, we have seen several completely new details. Despite the fact that new concept comes in a familiar 3-door hardtop body style, it feature some unique details. The front end includes new headlights with completely new graphics as well more streamline grille area. On the other side, each taillight forms one half of the Union Jack using LEDs. Also, there is a completely new body-kits design, which provides a more muscular appearance.

2019 Mini Electric interior

Details about the interior design are still unknown. However, we can presume that the new 2019 Mini Electric will come with many novelties that will eventually become a parts of the brand’s new design philosophy.

2019 Mini Electric powertrain

At the concept’s premiere, we didn’t hear anything about the technical aspect of the new model. This includes information about powertrain as well. However, it is certain that the new 2019 Mini Electric will get the powertrain from the same plant as BMW i3. So, we could see pretty similar system. To remind you, this small BMW features a max power of 168 horsepower, while the max range goes around 186 miles in the base version. Also, there is an extended-range version which can go up to 205 miles on a single charge.

For the new 2019 Electric, we could see pretty similar numbers. Of course, we could see some smaller improvements in terms of power and range. However, there is no chance to see some battery with more capacity in the offer, due to car’s limited interior space.

2019 Mini Electric rear view

2019 Mini Electric release date and price

We expect to see the new 2019 Mini Electric somewhere in the next year. Most likely, that will happen in the second half of 2019. Exact numbers in terms of price are yet to come, but we can presume that the new model will go in a range similar to its expected rivals. Those are models like Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt, Tesla Model 3 and various others.

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