Mini Electric Car Concept

The future of the iconic Mini electric car has been revealed at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show ahead of its official debut in late 2019. The mini manufacturer has said its vision for the inbound vehicle is based on the standard 3-door petrol model, though additional niceties are part of the bargain—new technologies, electric power and bolder styling.

The Mini electric car comes complete with a contrasting yellow and silver color scheme. It also features an overhauled grille and bumper, custom headlights, and exclusive alloy wheels. The automaker also announced in July that its production would take place in Oxford, United Kingdom. Nearly 600 prototypes of the pure electric mini will become available.

Mini Electric Car front

Mini Electric Car – Exterior Design and Interior Cosmetics

Mini’s Global head, one Sebastian Mackensen, hinted that the Mini electric car would present a completely redesigned exterior and interior. At the front façade, it has smooth rounded curves with the essence of charm. Its front and rear fenders are large and curved, and Mini has added a complete glass front to the car. This will substitute the previous retro looks of the camper, grille, and bonnet.

The company says the exterior of the Mini electric car can be tailor-made to suit the driver’s preferences. Thus, the bare canvas silver skin can be tweaked to adapt to the occupant’s mood along with the encountered situations. Our images also show diverse LED light designs on the skin, including a new “heart” design.

Additionally, we have taken note of the fact that these LED headlights come complete with new graphics unseen in the past. The front end, especially the grille region, is a little more streamlined. At the back, we find two taillights that create one half of the Union Jack with LEDs.

The cabin has also received a significant overhaul. This time, we realize that it is incredibly minimal and highlights the bench-style seating. Courtesy of the glass front-end, there is a sense of light and space inside the cabin. It makes it possible for the dashboard to be shifted forward for more room.

The dashboard comprises three elements; the control knob, the steering wheel, and a circular screen. A circular instrument known as the Cooperizer is mounted on the dash. It is used to illuminate the cabin and enables the driver to select personalized settings for the vehicle, including communications, entertainment, and autonomous driving mode.

Mini Electric Car side

Bespoke Mobility in the City

Mini vice president suggested that Mini Electric Car would deliver smart and bespoke mobility in the city and would engage all the senses. He alluded that a plug-in hybrid Countryman will hit the showrooms this summer. Apparently, this is the first Mini EV release in the Mini lineup and illustrates that the Mini electric car will likely be a crossover.

The Countryman crossover EV offers all-wheel-drive setup only. It has what it takes to travel all the way to 24 miles-of-range on the electric charge alone. The range will improve significantly as soon as the gas engine chips in.

The new Mini electric car will be joining other electrified Minis, such as a plug-in hybrid known as Cooper S E ALL4 Countryman. Seemingly, this inbound Mini EV will feature Mini’s signature hard-top body style.

Reports coming to our newsrooms suggest that the Mini will build the electric car at its Oxford plant in the UK. It will use the powertrain from the same German factories that made the i3’s hardware.

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