Electric cars aren’t green as you might think

If you are after an electric car, one of the main reasons is definitely their environmental-friendly nature. Carmakers claim so, and we have no reason to suspect since there are no exhaust pipes and smoke coming out of engines. Also, the vehicles are not burning diesel or petrol fuel. But, if we look further we can ask – how it’s made?

Production process and creating the parts of all-electric vehicles is not so green. One research has shown that if we measure the emission during the entire process of making a car, then electric vehicles are emitting more CO2 per mile.

Electric cars aren't green as you might think


Not only that production but also charging for all-electric cars is far from environmental-friendly. A research by scientists from MIT University resulted with surprising information. As a test subject they took a vehicle well-known for its green label – Tesla Model S. During the entire life, this model emits more CO2 than petrol and diesel vehicles. For example. Tesla’s car has emissions of 226 g/km (363 g/m). On the other scale, we will put the Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback which emits 192 g/km (309 g/m).

Electric cars aren't green as you might think

Batteries as the main enemies of nature

Most of the electric batteries are using lithium as a main component. It is efficient, durable material. But, the process of production is not so green. Contrary, it makes too much damage. In the research by MIT University, we will find that energy invested in production and recycling are big emitters of CO2. So, when we calculate driving emissions and production damage, we see that electric vehicles are not so green. And it is important to mention, these cars emit zero CO2 in their driving life.

Electric cars aren't green as you might think

Importance of the electric and hybrid vehicles

The entire story about electric cars is not so bright. We see that green vehicles are not so green. Maybe they emit zero CO2 in driving, but production is expensive and does not fit in a story about nature safety. On the other hand, scientists didn’t want to throw a shadow on all positive effects of hybrid models and electric cars. These are offering the better performance. Also, if we compare vehicles of the same sizes from the conventional lineup and all-electric class, then definitely other one wins with fewer emissions during the lifetime. Electric vehicles are good, but these are not perfect as advertised.

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