Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle

The future is now, according to the Fisker and Hakim Unique Group and their upcoming joint product, which is about to come as Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle. This is something completely new, never-seen-before in the car industry. This is going to be a something completely new. The mobility will be raised on a completely new level with this new vehicle, better to call it a shuttle. According to latest statements, the new vehicle is about to provide an absolutely new quality of riding. To be more precise, we are expecting to see a whole line of different shuttles. Those will have different designs but same main purpose, to provide the best-quality autonomous ride possible. According to the latest reports, the first vehicles of this type could come already next year and first city to get them will be Hakim Unique Group’s home city Hangzhou.

Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle

Few words about this joint venture

This is a project of two prominent companies. On one side, there is the Fisker, a famous carmaker known for its amazing electric cars and many breakthrough technologies in the car industry. Also, it is well-known for its recent solid-state battery developments. On the other side, Hakim Unique Group isn’t known so well in North America. However, it is one of the most successful companies in China. It has more than 160 subsidiaries focused on four business industries: cultural media, healthcare, technology, and finance.

This company already works on few smart cities and that is the core of this project, which will include a completely integrated system that will provide the most efficient way of mobility. It is important to mention that the home city of this company already has a pretty much complete infrastructure, which will significantly speed up the whole project.

Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle review

Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle details

The Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle could be another breakthrough technology product from Fisker. This is a completely new project that is pretty complex in many ways. First of all, this is an autonomous vehicle, a small electric shuttle that will be able to take people more directly to places. This new shuttle will be a part of the integrated system. It will also include “smart cities”, which will be the core of the whole system.

The base idea is to provide a shuttle with primary use for things like transport of employees across the business, university and research sites and similar kinds of things. The first “smart city” to use new shuttles will be Hangzhou, a home city of Hakim Unique Group. This city isn’t so big, so the company has already managed to install various kinds of technologies a make it “smart”.

Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle will provide a high-quality ride

According to the company, the new shuttle definitely won’t be boring, like we use to imagine those future autonomous vehicles. Moreover, it will come with plenty of equipment and provide a high level of comfort and convenience. We already heard a statement from the company’s management that the new Fisker Orbit Fully Autonomous Electric Vehicle will be more comparable to a hotel lobby than a car interior. Also, we can expect various kinds of advantages when it comes to the ride quality.

First of all, this shuttle will transport passengers more directly, so we expect much shorter riding times. We didn’t hear anything about powertrain. However, we can presume that the new shuttle will feature Fisker’s latest solid-state batteries. They should provide a pretty long range. According to some reports, first vehicles will have a max range around 400 miles. We can see it already next year.

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