GM developing new EV – 2 Minivans, 5 Crossovers and 7 electric SUVs are confirmed

As time goes by, carmakers are taking electric cars more and more serious. After many countries announced their plans to forbid internal-combustion engines in next few decades, many manufacturers started with their strategies for electric vehicles. As one of the largest carmakers in the world, GM is also among them. Last month, we heard a plan about 20 completely new all-electric vehicles in next five years.

According to this plan, first two models will be Bolt-based crossovers and should come within 18 months. For the rest of new cars, the company will develop completely new architectures and first models should come in about two years. A few days ago, the company’s CEO and chairman, Mary Barra, elaborated the new strategy at the Barclays Global Automotive Conference in New York.

GM developing new EV

GM new strategy

We heard some interesting things about the new strategy. First of all, she confirmed an already known plan for 20 new electric vehicles. Also, we heard a confirmation of the first two crossovers that will come in next 18 months. These two models will be a small crossover that will share the platform with the Chevy Bolt. According to Barra, one of these two models will come under Buick’s badge. This sounds pretty logical if we consider that this brand is present mostly in China, which is one of the countries that already have a detailed plan for the slow depletion of conventional gasoline and diesel cars.

18 new electric vehicles – release date, price

When it comes to other 18 new electric vehicles, the first one will most likely come in 2019. After the company finishes the new architecture, we expect to see the arrival of other models one by another. Also, we expect to see a significant reduction of battery costs by 2021. It is expected that the price will go down to under 100 $ per kWh. To remind you, the current price is around 145 dollars.

GM developing new EV review

GM new electric lineup

What exactly the new electric lineup will look like, it is still hard to tell. We heard some useful information at the meeting. Someone from the company’s said most of the new models will be a crossover. According to him, we should expect several new crossovers, but also few minivans, one sports car, and even one truck-based completely electric SUV. Does this mean that we are about to see an all-electric Corvette or Suburban, time will show.

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