Half Of Porsche Sales To Be From Plug-Ins and All-Electric Cars By 2025

Just like the rest of VW Group, Porsche also has big future plans for the electrification of its fleet. Their expectations on this issue are pretty optimistic. More than a half of Porsche sales will be from plug-ins by 2025. This will include both plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars. There is already a serious demand for these vehicles. So, the company already started some serious work.

According to latest reports, the brand-new Mission E is about to come soon, but we can expect several other new models after it to come. Most of them should be familiar models, but with new powertrain systems. Besides new cars, there is also a lot to do in terms of infrastructure, which is something where VW’s plans to invest more than two billion. So, it is easy to make a conclusion that there are some great expectations from all this.

Half Of Porsche Sales To Be From Plug-Ins and All-Electric Cars By 2025

Half Of Porsche Sales To Be From Plug-Ins By 2025

The famous sports car manufacturer has big plans for the future. The whole process of the electrification has already started. We have already seen some interesting design solutions from new concept cars. It looks this whole development is really going in a positive direction. The company has big expectations.

According to the Porsche North America president and chief executive Klaus Zellner, there is a high demand for electrified cars at the moment. All this will lead to the dramatic expansion of electric vehicles in brand’s portfolio. At the beginning, hybrids will take most of the sales of course. As the time goes by, all-electric models should slowly overtake the majority of sales. There are already several hybrids in Porsche’s offer, while the first EV is about to come in two years.

Half Of Porsche Sales To Be From Plug-Ins and All-Electric Cars By 2025

The Mission E will be the first EV in brand’s lineup

Porsche will start its electrification with a brand-new model. Instead of electrifying some of existing, famous models, we will the company will rather go for a completely new car. The new vehicle is under development and it already had its first premier two years ago. Of course, all these achievements will find their way to other models. The Porsche Mission E will be the core of every other electric model of the brand. It will most likely come as a 2020-year model and it will definitely be a worthy successor of all those iconic gasoline models from the past.

Expect nothing less than amazing performances. This 600-hp electric car will be able to go from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds! Also, we are about to see an amazing 300+ mile range. There is also a fast-charging feature, which can recharge the battery to 80% in 20 minutes.

Half Of Porsche Sales To Be From Plug-Ins and All-Electric Cars By 2025

The whole project demand big investments in infrastructure

All these amazing numbers don’t mean anything if you don’t have an adequate network of chargers around the country. So, there is another great job to do. Many car experts see these new Porsche cars as direct rivals to Tesla models. Both companies are starting the build infrastructure for these vehicles. The biggest advantage for Porsche is probably that it is a part of VW Group.

This is one of the world’s biggest carmakers. So, there will be no such thing as a problem with resources. This group plans to invest more than two billion dollars to build a proper charging infrastructure across the United States. So, we should see these charging points very soon, in various places such as gas stations, hotels, restaurants, public places and other location across the United States.

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