Lincoln will offer hybrid versions of all its models by 2022

The famous American premium car brand doesn’t have many electrified models in the offer, but it seems this state is going to change and there are many Lincoln hybrid cars to come. As part of Ford’s new plan to electrify most of its models in near future, Lincoln should follow this path too.

According to the latest reports, this premium brand will have a hybrid version of all its models by 2022. In the current lineup, there is just one Lincoln Hybrid model in the offer. So, we can say that there is much work to do. According to some reports, there are new 18 hybrid versions from Ford Motor Company to come in next five years.

This large project will include all Lincoln models, even the legendary full-size SUVs and sedans, such as Navigator and Continental. So, expect many novelties from this premium brand in next several years.

Lincoln hybrid

New Lincoln hybrid models to come

As we already mentioned, many reports suggest that the all models from the lineup will receive its hybrid versions. As we already mentioned, there is just one hybrid model in the offer at the moment. It is a model called MKZ, which comes with Ford’s familiar hybrid powertrain.

It features a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, which in combination with electric motor makes a total output of 188 horsepower. This is enough for the 0-60 sprint in 8.9 seconds. If we consider that there are several much bigger models, it is clear that this powertrain won’t be enough powerful for most of them.

Most likely, the company will introduce a completely new plug-in hybrid powertrain. First models that will receive new powertrain will be a redesigned MKC and the upcoming Aviator. We expect both models to come somewhere in 2019.

Lincoln engine

We will see even the biggest Lincoln hybrid models in the offer

Just like we said, all models will be available with a hybrid powertrain. This includes even the legendary SUV Navigator. However, it is hard to say what exactly this powertrain will look like. The company prepares a hybrid powertrain for the legendary models like Ford F-150 and Mustang, and we are pretty sure that this powertrain will be also used for the new Navigator.

This powertrain will feature plenty of power and it will perfectly suit for the full-size luxury SUV. On the other side, a full-size Continental will most likely get a plug-in hybrid version, with the powertrain which will be also used for models like MKX crossover. However, these Lincoln hybrid models will probably come in 2022.

Lincoln hybrid models competition

You must admit that Ford’s luxury division isn’t a key player on the market anymore. Moreover, it hardly keeps the pace with the European competition. Besides German trio, there is also Volvo and Japanese premium brands Lexus, Infiniti, and Acura as well. Eventually, there is an arch rival from GM, Cadillac.

The current situation leaves no other choice for Lincoln, but to follow current trends in the car industry. Thanks to the Tesla Motors, pretty much all premium brands are striving to offer new hybrid and electric vehicles, and Lincoln will follow this path. With the completely electrified lineup, Lincoln hybrid cars should be pretty competitive in the future.

Lincoln specs

Not just Lincoln hybrid, but also all-electric

The company doesn’t prepare a whole bunch of hybrid cars for the future. We are also about to see several all-electric models in the offer. One of the main reasons is China. The Chinese government demands from all manufacturers to increase the offer and, eventually, sales of all-electric cars. So, besides Lincoln hybrid models, electric cars are also crucial for the brand’s future, especially in China. For now, the company’s spokesman confirmed one or two electric cars for the near future.

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