Polestar Will Release 4 All Electric Models By 2020

The famous Swedish carmaker recently established a completely new sub-brand called Polestar. The new brand will feature more upscale models in many aspects, but the main accent has been put on electrification. The new division had its very first premiere at the Shanghai auto show. There is a very new Polestar 1 model, which is a plug-in hybrid sports coupe. However, the company will not stop on that. At the ongoing LA car show, we heard that there are three additional vehicles to come in next few years. We will see the earlier that most of us probably expected. So, it is now clear that Polestar will release 4 all-electric models by 2020.

Volvo Polestar 1 concept

Polestar Will Release 4 All Electric Models By 2020

When the company presented the new Polestar 1 model, we also heard that there are some additional models to come. It looks like those models will come much earlier than most of us expected. According to the company’s spokesman, a timeline of new models will look something like this.

The Polestar 1 model is about to have premiere next year, while first delivers will take place in early 2019. The Polestar 2 will be a mid-size luxury sedan, and we presume it will compete with Tesla 3 model. All models from this luxury brand will use Volvo’s existing highly modular architectures, so the new second vehicle will be launched already in late 2019. The next one is Polestar 3, which will be a crossover. It should come in early 2020, while the Polestar 4 should come in the same year. The last one should be a convertible.

Polestar Will Release 4 All Electric Models By 2020 interior


Polestar will also work on Volvo’s vehicles

Well, we know that the new sub-brand will design completely new models, but we are also about to see modifications on the existing models from Volvo. This department will take care of hi-performance versions, so we could see models like Volvo S60 Polestar, for example. However, we still don’t know will these variants carry a Volvo’s familiar logo, or will they come under the new brand’s badge. In any case, expect similar relations like those between BMW and its M department, for example.

Polestar models will get new batteries and powertrain

As we already mentioned, all upcoming models will ride on the Volvo’s familiar platforms. The great thing about these architectures is that they are already adapted for electric powertrains. This is a great benefit and Polestar will have much more space to focus on some more detailed things. When it comes to powertrain, we heard that new model will rely on the Volvo’s technology achievements, but that we are also about to see various kinds of improvements. Basically, these models will get newer-generation battery packs, probably with a much better capacity. Also, we should see some more powerful and more advanced electric motors.

Polestar Will Release 4 All Electric Models By 2020 specs

Polestar will follow Care by Volvo policy

Just like Volvo, Polestar will also come with the new subscription policy. Compared to Volvo, we will see few additional things, such as to levels for example. The base level will include familiar things like maintenance, insurance, tires, repairs, and concierge services such as free car washes all for a flat monthly fee with no down payment. On the other side, higher tier could include some exclusive perks like the ability to swap to a different Polestar vehicle at any time or to have a Polestar vehicle of your choice waiting for you at your destination when you go on vacation. However, this isn’t yet for sure. The company will wait how Care by Volvo will go, so they will decide either to go in the same way or to turn to a more conventional sale ways.

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