2018 Tesla Model S Review, Price

The new 2018 Tesla Model S is now ready for release and it boasts a several styling and tech enhancements. Nowadays you will find nearly all major car makers vying for a spot in the fast growing electric vehicle segment but the company that kicks started this race is Tesla.

In last few years, the importance of producing and using alternative green technology driven vehicles has shot up and electric vehicles are becoming more viable. Besides, govt incentives and schemes to encourage buyers to take home such vehicles are also working.

The Tesla, which started its journey in automobile segment with the not so famous Roadster, has matured over the years.

2018 Tesla Model S front

2018 Tesla Model S – Attractive Sporty Look

The model S made its debut in 2012 and since then has gone several revisions- both in styling and technology. The 2018 Tesla Model S is more aerodynamic and looks quite sleek from all angles. In the cabin, the styling is a bit muted though everything still looks classy.

The Tesla has used a lot of technologies to ensure the ride remains comfortable and free of hassles. The usage of HEPA air filtration system ensures passengers breathe germ-free fresh air at all times. A huge 17-inch touch screen is placed on the dashboard. The default cargo space is 26 cubic feet.

Tech Equipment

The Tesla is one of the companies that have been active in deploying autonomous driving tech in its cars. The latest version of this autopilot tech is now available in 2018 model S. It scores moderately well in highway driving but city driving needs polish.  Safety features include airbags, traction control systems, forward collision warning, lane-departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking.

The 2018 model S is laden with almost every amenity you can think of. It gets Bluetooth, wi-fi connectivity, keyless ignition, rearview camera. Tesla has used latest tech to keep cabin of Model S insulated from external noises. You can opt for a cold-weather package, premium leather upholstery, sunroof, larger wheels etc.

2018 Tesla Model S interior

2018 Tesla Model S – Engine and Battery Specs

The 2018 Tesla Model S comes with varying battery capacities- starting from 75 kWh and ending in 100 kWh. Barring the base 60-kwh model, all are AWD enabled. The top model is named P100D. You have to ride a Model S to believe how fast electric cars can be.

In fact, the 2018 Model S is blazing fast and will leave several cars driven by typical fuel biting the dust! Ride quality improves if you opt for the air suspension. You may find it hard to think the car weighs 5000 pounds approx. The Model S can cover between 259- 335 miles on a single charge. The Tesla has also improved charging capacity on all models.

2018 Tesla Model S side

Expected Price and Launch of the 2018 Tesla Model S

The 2018 Tesla Model S pricing begins at $71,000 approx though incentives will bring down the price. The release date is expected in a couple of months.

Summing it up

The 2018 Tesla model S is a luxurious electric car that performs well and comes with oodles of features. However, all these bells and whistles do not come for cheap.

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