2018 Tesla Roadster Rumors, Price and Specs

With time, green energy driven cars, especially electric cars are becoming popular, and one of them is 2018 Tesla Roadster. All major car makers are coming up with their versions of electric cars and governments in many countries are doling out schemes and incentives to make mainstream buyers more interested in buying these types of vehicles.

However, the company that started this trend is Tesla. The Tesla Roadster was the first model of the company to hit the road. It was not much success but managed to create the hype that prompted other companies to follow suit. In its 4 year lifespan (2008-2012) it sold in about 2400 units. The industry buzz is Tesla is all set to re-launch the Roadster, probably in 2018.

2018 Tesla Roadster front

2018 Tesla Roadster – Design and Appearance

Not much is known about the design of upcoming 2018 Tesla Roadster. But it seems it will be a fusion of the design of the first model and the model S-which the company is banking on heavily. The original Roadster was known for its low height. However, it will be more aerodynamic in nature. The few images appear on the web and it seems that they are presenting this car.

Safety Features

The upcoming Tesla Roadster is also expected to be laden with several safety features and amenities, much like the existing lineup. So, you can expect a lot of airbags in the cabin. The car is also likely to get sensor driven collision avoidance tech and the company’s autonomous driving technology. The cabin may get HEPA filtration technology like model X. Whether it gets huge panoramic sunroof remains to be seen.

2018 Tesla Roadster interior

2018 Tesla Roadster – Engine Rumors

The original Tesla Roadster was the first ever car to be made in the commercial capacity with embedded Lithium-ion battery set. The Tesla has made significant progress in making efficient electric car engines over the years and the Roadster will be equipped with a really powerful electric engine- if sources are to be believed. It is likely to be equipped with fast charging technology too.

If the words of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, are to be followed, the upcoming Roadster version will be a super fast car. In fact, he said it will have better acceleration than the existing Model S. As it is, the Model S 2018 is fast enough to outshine cars like Porsche 911 Turbo S in sheer acceleration. The CEO says the upcoming Roadster may become the fastest car in the entire lineup.

Price and Release Expectations of the 2018 Tesla Roadster

The 2018 Tesla Roadster may have a steep price tag. But it will be priced lower than the predecessor which was sold at $98,000. It may hit the roads sometimes in 2018.

The upcoming 2018 Tesla Roadster seems to b the promising car from the company. The Tesla will definitely try to ensure it gets rid of the issues that plagued the predecessor. It will get a beefy electric powertrain though details are not clear at this moment. It remains to be seen how Tesla prices the car.

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