2019 Tesla Pickup Truck Release date

The 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck will be one of the newest addition to the company’s lineup. The ambitious carmaker from California is striving to enter pretty much every segment of the car industry. So, it isn’t wondering that we have seen even electric buses on the recent presentation. One of the models that are about to come pretty soon is this one. The industry’s first all-electric truck is about to come already next year. This should happen right after the launch of the new Y crossover.

It will be very interesting to see how the new electric truck will compete with conventional models. This especially refers to those dominant models, such as F-150, Ram 1500 etc. Simply, these nameplates are present for decades, so Tesla will have to do a hell of a job to rip off some nice numbers of total sales of these trucks.

2019 tesla pickup truck front view

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck design

The new 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck is on its way, according to latest reports. However, most of the details about the new truck are kept as a secret. You will hardly find some more precise details about it. However, we know have some base information about the upcoming model.

According to the company, the new 2019 Pickup Truck will feature similar size as F-150, but it could be even bigger. This puts the new model in the class of full-size truck, which sounds a little bit challenging. It is also pretty much for sure that the new 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck will use the same architecture as Model X. This leads us to the conclusion that the new truck could be less capable compared to gasoline models since it will not come with a traditional, highly-reliable body-on-frame structure. On the other side, electric powertrain could bring several benefits.

How capable will 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck be?

Well, this is the biggest question about the upcoming truck. First of all, let’s talk about dimensions. The 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck will be a full-size truck, which promises plenty of space inside. However, a big deficiency could be some design limitations. While most of the manufacturers offer their models in various cab design, this one will probably come in a single, crew cab-like version. Also, a decent battery takes plenty of space. So, its payload capacity will be pretty modest, probably in a range of mid-size trucks like Chevy Colorado.

2019 tesla pickup truck interior

On the other side, electric powertrain could be a big plus in terms of towing. Although we will not dare to make some predictions, it is pretty obvious that new 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck should have better-towing capacity compared to gasoline trucks. The reason is simple. Electric powertrain is better in terms of torque, which is significant for towing.

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck powertrain

As we mentioned, the 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck should have plenty of torque. This will provide towing results as almost good as diesel-powered heavy-duty trucks. For this specific occasion, we expect to see a familiar powertrain. The new truck should feature the same system as Model X crossover. This means that we should expect two variants in the offer. The base model should feature a familiar combination of two 260-hp electric motors, one of each axle. On the other side, a performance version comes with amazing 503 horses on the rear axle and keeps the same 260-hp electric motor at the front. This provided stupendous accelerations and we could expect similar numbers in the new truck as well. Also, we expect to see multiple battery options. Long-range models should be able to make more than 250 miles on a single charge.

2019 tesla pickup truck rear view

2019 Tesla Pickup Truck release date and price

Latest reports suggest that the new 2019 Tesla Pickup Truck will come soon after the launch of new Model Y. The new mid-size crossover is about to come late this year. When it comes to the price, it is hard to make some more precise predictions at the moment. However, various sources suggest new truck will be significantly cheaper than Model X, in order to be more competitive with gasoline-powered trucks.

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