Why Tesla just fired over 400 workers?

There are many controversies about Tesla and its delays in past few weeks. According to some reports, the company struggles to deliver all ordered cars and one of the reasons could be recent firings. The company has more than 400.000 orders just of Tesla 3 models.

We don’t believe that all of them will be finished on time. There is even an official statement about firings that company gave to the Washington Post. However, in this report, there is no more precise word about firings. It is all about annual performance reviews and similar things, but nothing specific.

Why Tesla just fired over 400 workers

Production delays of the Model 3

As we already mentioned, the company faces significant production delays of the Model 3. According to some reports, there are more than 450 orders, while the company managed to complete just 260 in the last quarter. We can just imagine how big problems are in the company. From the official statement for the Washington Post, we can only read things like annual testing and similar sorts of things.

On the other side, the San Jose Mercury News did a research. They interviewed several former and current Tesla employees and found out that between 400 and 700 people lost their job recently.

Why Tesla just fired over 400 workers

Officially nothing about firing

In the interview for the Washington Post, the company’s spokesman said nothing about firings. There was a word about annual testing results and similar things. These are usual methods for large companies. If we consider that Tesla currently employs around 33.000 people, this should be something usual. Also, from this interview, we can make a conclusion that the see numbers of firings include not only workers in production but administration and marketing stuff too. 

Why Tesla just fired over 400 workers


From these opposite statements we definitely can’t make a conclusion. The truth is probably somewhere between. In any case, the company will definitely struggle in terms of deadlines in the future. Their plants currently have a capacity of 100.000 vehicles per year. However, the management plans to expand production significantly in next five years.

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