2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid Spy Images

The 2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid brand is expected to be released soon. This is an improvement of the Auris second-generation with the first one being released in 2006. The Toyota Auris Hybrid is characterized by distinguishing features that will make it a top-selling model on release. It takes a vast coverage of technological advancement both in it model and functionality. With the company serving all classes and levels based on price and models, the car is expected to fit in with the second lower level buyers. This is in line with their pockets and preferences.

Testing of the brand has been done with the design cues hidden to increase the suspense of potential buyers. There is no official information yet, but the already released photos and the revolutionary history of the company show that it is probably going to be a good model.

2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid front

2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid – Design and Technology

The 2018 Toyota Hybrid version is designed in a way that its outside appearance is inviting even from a distance. It has an impression of glamour that makes it create an instant positive attitude on sight. At the front are modifications such that the lighting appears extended towards the grille giving it a more dynamic face. Also, headlamps and fog lights have an elegance distinguishing feature.

The mirrors have a folding feature for effectiveness in reflection. Toyota car lovers will also enjoy the comfort brought about by the aluminum and carbon fiber component making the car. This is because they will enhance the driver comfort and smooth acceleration. The wheelbase will have a dimension of 103.6 to link with the 5.1 ground clearance level. A new spoiler is an additional classy feature for the auto. Additionally, the flag, reflectors and elevator door are also contributing to the quality design of the car. For past comfort, the drive will also borrow some features from the Corolla model.

Comfort in the Cabin

From the inside, the car will be characterized by comfort and useful equipment where the cabin space has been fully developed with the central panel using the touchscreen technology. Lighting is also customized to display graphics in such a way that despite the setting, information will be conveyed with ease.

The 2018 Toyota Auris hybrid seats are expected to be leather coated with ample space left to create comfort in line with both leg and shoulder room. The drive is also Eco-friendly in that the gearbox and dashboard are insulated to ensure noise control. We also expect the touchscreen to display the vital information about the car. Infotainment system will fit in the current technology trends where Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and smartphone integration will be enabled.

2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid side

2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid – Engine System and Electric Motor

The 2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid will have a 1.8 gasoline engine system that produces 98 hp. It will be paired with a 650v electric motor that offers 80 Hp and 207Nm. Also, the package 6.5Ah nickel-metal-hydride batteries will get its charge from the engine or from braking. As tested earlier, the acceleration rate is 62 mph in 10.9 seconds with a constantly variable (CVT) automatic.

From the testing results, the brand is also economical as compared to other similar models in the market. Additionally, there is no manual gearbox hence on acceleration the car gains speed with ease.

2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid rear

2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid – Price Range, Debut and Rivals

The price of the 2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid is expected to range from $ 25.000 to 30.000. The car will be released at the beginning of 2018 in Japan, and after that other markets will benefit. Some of the rivals that will challenge the new 2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid is Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan Leaf, VW Golf and Lexus CT200H.

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