2018 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell

The upcoming model 2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell will be the first available commercial hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. The new model will be available only in fixed places in the world in California, Japan and some parts of Europe. As per Toyota’s expectations, around 2000 Mirai’s will be on the roads of USA by the end of 2017.

The Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are slowly and steadily gaining popularity globally. The environment-friendly aspect plays a major role in this decision.

2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell front

2018 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell – Sleek and Suave Appearance

The 2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell looks simply great. The vehicle has the sleek and suave appearance. Sporty edge has been added to the vehicle to enhance its appeal and grandeur. Available in striking electric color shades, one is bound to like to vehicle at first glance. Take a look at the front fascia of the car and the triangularly shaped air intakes are the first thing that you will notice. The same pattern can be also seen in the area of the tail lights as well.

The Silver accents are there in the air intakes, making them all the more impressive. The grille is redesigned and sleek with the Toyota logo. However, the vehicle is low in height but looks sophisticated and elegant. Wheels in the vehicle are 17-inches.

The interior of 2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell are well done. The leg space is cramped in the car, but cargo space is decent. Other interior features that make the car special include 3D navigation, cruise-ship control, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, touch screen display, climate control, GPS system etc. Good quality leather is used in the seats of the car.

Safety and Security Features

The Toyota Mirai fuel-cell also comes with highly advanced safety and security features making driving safe for all. Some of the prominent safety and security features in the vehicle include lane departure alert, pre-collision system, active safety system, 8 numbers of SRS airbags, Safety Connect, enhanced Vehicle Stability Control, brake assist, anti-lock brake system and also a traction control.

2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell interior

2018 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell – Engine Specs

The 2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell runs on hydrogen fuel cells system and is available with 1-speed direct drive transmission. The energy of 153 HP is produced by the engine along with the torque of 247 lbs-feet. Its EPA mileage estimates are around 67 MPGe in city/highway or combined. Furthermore, the EPA estimated range is almost 312 miles.

The top speed offered by this vehicle reaches 110 mph. The best thing is that Toyota offers the facility of free fueling for the model for 3 years. These cars are categorized under zero-emission vehicles. They only emit heat and water and hence are highly eco-friendly and termed as ‘green engine’.

2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell rear

Affordability and Availability

The new model comes with a price tag of about $58,500. No fixed dates of availability have been declared by Toyota for the release of 2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell. No tentative dates are also available from the automobile industry insiders.

Summing it up

On the whole, the 2018 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell is a vehicle, which is unique in all aspects. Some of the key competitors of this vehicle will be the likes of Hyundai Tucson fuel cell, Toyota Prius V, Chevrolet Bolt EV and also a BMW 330e iperformance etc.

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