2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid presented at Geneva Motor show

The third-generation of 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid makes a debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show earlier this month. This hatchback sports a more dynamic design and comes with an all-new 2.0-liter hybrid engine. It is actually a full hybrid electric system that will mark the start of Toyota’s dual hybrid strategy.

Toyota claims that the company is always listening to its customers and the new Auris is a perfect example of that. Moreover, after more than 10 million global sales where over 1.5 million hybrids are sold in Europe only, Toyota is now keen to continue with improving its technology. The dual hybrid strategy includes two hybrid powertrains where one is more fuel efficient and the second brings more strength and driving characteristics.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid front

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Redesign

Executive General Manager Simon Humphries said that Toyota’s main goal with new Auris is to create the most dynamic and bold hatchback on the market. He added that the vehicle is lighter and agiler in the side view, while on the rear is wider and lower.
So, longer and lower than previous Auris model, the design is now more dynamic and the overall length slightly increased. Wheelbase is also longer but the overall height is decreased. The shape is now sleeker and more attractive as a result.

The new upper grille comes with Toyota emblem in the middle of it, and the LED headlights come with integral daytime running lights. The Auris’ exterior is great thanks to an optional bi-tone color scheme that combines body color with a nice black finish on the roof and rear pillars.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Interior possess better infotainment system

The 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid is presented at Geneva Motor show and its interior is very stylish and techy. However, we can confirm that the interior is completely redesigned and brought to a premium feel. The touch surfaces are nice and elegant and the overall cabin provides a high-quality appearance.

The cabin is a lot of quitter now thanks to the new seals along the doors. The dash will be completely new and the instrument cluster is sportier than before. A new 4.2-inch TFT display is placed between the gauges and its main duty is to show trip and information. Two different sets of cloth seats come as standard.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid interior

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Engine Specs

The upcoming 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid is coming with two powertrain options. A conventional engine is a 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine. One of two options will sit alongside the conventional engine. The first option is a 1.8-liter powertrain that returns 120 HP. This engine is very responsive and intuitive, its fuel efficiency is great, and it provides great performance.

A second engine option is a 2.0-liter unit that can burst 177 HP. While more powerful than the first option, this powertrain takes full advantage of ride comfort but also handling and stability. There is no info about battery capacity and electric motor at this moment.

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid rear

2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid Price and Release Date

There is no official information about the price or release date. However, if we know that the base model cost slightly above $22,000, we can add additional $5,000 for the hybrid version, more or less. The production of the forthcoming 2019 Toyota Auris Hybrid started at UK’s Burnaston plant. However, the release date is yet unknown.

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