Toyota Concept-i autonomous car will be released in 2020

Autopilots, self-driving cars, computer assistance! All those things do not look like some far future anymore. Moreover, they look pretty close nowadays it will be even closer to the premiere of new Toyota’s concepts. The famous Japanese manufacturer pioneered many technologies and design solution in the past and they will continue in the same way.

There are three new concepts that will have their premiere at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, which is set for the next week. The company is going to present completely new technologies and design solutions that will bring the complete way of driving on the next level.

Toyota Concept-i autonomous car will be released in 2020

Toyota Concept-i autonomous car

We are about to see a Toyota Concept-i autonomous car at the upcoming show. The production model will come in 2020, according to some reports. Unlike the most of the concepts that bring some particular design solutions or, mostly, new styling philosophy, the thing with this concept is much more complex. The Toyota Concept-i will show a new, completely integrated system of artificial intelligence, which will take you drive to the completely next level. It is not just about self-driving, it is much more.

Toyota Concept-i autonomous car features

The new system is characteristic by an interaction with driver/passenger on the highest level. It allows you to drive in so many different ways. This car can drive by itself but still allows the drive to play its base role. The new model comes with all necessary features for manual driving. It features steering wheel, pedals etc. The thing is that you can drive by yourself, but there is still an artificial intelligence that supervises the whole situation. It has sensors for your condition, your emotions, location, weather conditions and many other things. Based its calculations, it decides how much will assist the driver in order to provide best possible drive.

Toyota Concept-i autonomous car will be released in 2020

Toyota Concept-i autonomous car new technology

New concepts are here primarily to show all new technology achievements. However, engineers also put a great attention on styling and overall design. So, the dashboard that shows all critical information comes in a very beautiful manner. We can only presume that the whole point is to show that the company still sees humans as major participants in driving.  When it comes to technical details, we didn’t get much information. Details about powertrain are unknown. However, we can presume that the new car will feature an electric powertrain, or even some more advanced system. After all, this is still a concept car, so we don’t need complete specifications.

Toyota Concept-i autonomous car will be released in 2020

On the other side, the company makes it clear. The new technology will be implemented in production cars in the upcoming decade. The Toyota Concept-i autonomous car will be released in 2020, according to the most optimistic predictions.

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