2018 VW XL3 Hybrid Fuel Economy, Specs

There are lots of speculations going around regarding release of the 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid. And finally, there is some news regarding the launch. In fact, this vehicle is different from the other stablemates.

The automobile company is shifting its focus and attention to electric and hybrid powertrains from diesel varieties. This vehicle is expected to be released in small numbers in Europe.

2018 VW XL3 Hybrid front

2018 VW XL3 Hybrid –¬†Magnificent Design

Design wise, the 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid is simply magnificent and just wow from all aspects. The XL1 variant had a sleek coupe style and could accommodate only 2 people in total. However, the new compact car comes with 4 doors and has the capacity of accommodating about 5 people. The aerodynamic silhouette of the hatchback makes the car look really attractive and appealing. Special mention needs to be made of the LED daytime running lights which are C-shaped and the blue trim elements which add the style quotient to the hatchback.

The wheels of the vehicle are also stylishly done. They also have the VW logo right in the center. Also, only the front wheels are visible; the back wheels are concealed stylishly. The doors do not open sideways; they have to be lifted.

It is quite sad to know that no details of the interior are available of the 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid. However, it can be guessed that highly advanced features might be integrated into the car interiors for making travel comfortable and relaxing for the passengers.

The 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid is expected to have the best of safety features installed in the same. These will help to provide maximum protection to driver and passengers if some unpleasant accident happens while driving. Though details of the features are not available still, you can expect multiple airbags, Traction control, lane keep assist and the rearview camera.

Engine and Fuel Economy

The engine of 2018 VWXL3 Hybrid is based on that of Golf GTE. It is being estimated that the power in the hatchback will be derived from the gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain. The vehicle runs on 1.4 liter 4-cylinder engine, which has the capacity of producing 140 HP of energy. There is also an electric motor in the vehicle, which can generate about 30 HP. The fuel economy is estimated to be about 94 mpg.

2018 VW XL3 Hybrid rear

Launch Date and Price

No fixed dates have been announced regarding the launch of 2018 VWXL3 Hybrid. However, as per reports from automobile insiders, it is expected that the green vehicle will make its entry in the market in 2018. The price is not yet officially released.

Summing it up

To sum up, the new 2018 VW XL3 Hybrid is sure to win hearts once it launches in the market. Even though this car will be released in selected numbers, the stylish model is likely to woo a significant section of buyers.

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