2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid Release date

The next generation of the legendary compact car is about to come soon and 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid will be one of first version that we are going to see. The iconic model is currently in seventh generation. For these 44 years, we have seen numerous modifications in various aspects. However, all these redesign and updates were characterized by approach with a high caution. So, we had never seen something radical for all these years. For this version, things are going to change. This will not be just a usual VW redesign. Besides things like new styling, interior design, engines and similar things, we are about to see some brand-new technology.

The 2019 Golf 8 Hybrid will not get the new mild-hybrid powertrain only, but also a completely new infotainment technology, characterized by complete digitalization. The new model is about to come in two years.

2019 vw golf 8 hybrid

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid redesign

The 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid will be one of the first versions to come. The fact is that company decided to keep the same architecture as the current seventh-generation model. This allowed VW’s engineers to focus on some other aspects of the car. Base design characteristics will not be changes a lot. The new model will continue to ride on a highly-versatile MQB platform, which is in uses for various models from the VW Group. However, the new Golf will be slimmer.

According to latest reports, it will be lighter for about 140 pounds, which should save some fuel, and also provide better overall driving quality. In terms of styling, base shape remains the same. On the other side, there is a whole bunch of new details. Most of them are at the front, where you will see a new design of headlights, grille and several other parts.

2019 vw golf 8 hybrid side view

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid new infotainment technology

Probably the biggest novelty for the 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid will be inside. The VW’s recently-presented new infotainment technology will debut in the new Golf. This new technology brings it all to the completely new level. For example, everything is digital, while the only analog part is steering wheel. The whole idea is to create an infotainment system that will work as a smartphone. So, it relies mostly on the large touchscreen on the center. Also, a big part of all commands works by a voice as well.

Finally, there is a new head-up display, which should be one of highlight of the new model. Also, we should mention that this system will feature a high level of artificial intelligence. It will be able to learn. So, it should get to know the user and his preferences better over time and use their knowledge for individual route suggestions.

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid powertrain

Probably the first version of the new generation will be 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid. We still don’t know the exact details about the new powertrain. However, various reports suggest that the new mild-hybrid technology will find its place in many variants. More precisely, it is expected that several VW’s familiar internal-combustion engines will come in a combination with a 48-V battery. Besides these versions, the new generation will also continue with a plug-in hybrid.

2019 vw golf 8 hybrid rear view

Finally, expect to see gasoline and diesel versions as well. However, their number should be significantly reduced. When it comes to the all-electric version, the company will drop the current e-Golf in favor of the new I.D. line, which will include compact electric car in its lineup in the future.

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid release date

The new 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid will come somewhere in the second half of 2019. When it comes to the price, we don’t have any reliable information at the moment. However, there are some reports that suggest new generation will be slightly cheaper, which would be great.

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