2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid Review, Changes

The famous luxury carmaker is about to introduce several new models in next few years and 2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid will be one of them. This will be a completely new SUV from the company. We expect to see the arrival of the hybrid version at the same time as conventional models, which means somewhere in the second half of next year.

The new model will be in close relation to the famous Q3. Whit similar dimensions and pretty much same technical characteristics, expect nothing but excellent driving experience. With the new hybrid powertrain, expect also an excellent fuel economy.

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid

The new version will combine efficient with its sporty character, which will be accentuated by the new appearance that will include new sloping roof and a coupe-like body style. As we already mentioned, the new 2019 Q4 Hybrid will come somewhere in the second half of next year.

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid design

The 2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid will be a completely new model from the famous German brand. The testing model is in the late stage of development and we can clearly see most of the car’s characteristics, at least when it comes to the visual appearance. The new plug-in hybrid version will feature pretty much the same styling as models with conventional engines. So, expect a model in a close relation with a familiar Q3 crossover. This relation between even and odd numbers is present for some time among many German car makers, so we can presume characteristic of the 2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid. Expect a coupe-like appearance, with a fancy sloping roof and much sportier character, compared to the practicality-oriented Q3.

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid side view

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid interior design

On the other side, the interior design of these two models should be pretty much the same, with same dashboard layout and features. The company will implement the latest design philosophy. This includes a massive use of digital and touch-sensitive elements, instead of conventional analog controls. The new coupe-like SUV will feature pretty much the same dashboard layout as new Q3. However, it will feature less space inside, due to its unique shape. The 2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid will probably come with even less interior space compared to conventional version, because of a battery pack and rest of the hybrid system.

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid interior

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid powertrain

We are about to see a completely new hybrid powertrain for the 2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid. The new system will most likely combine a conventional gasoline engine with one or more electric motors. The electric source of power will probably be for the rear axle. The new model will definitely be a plug-in hybrid with an all-electric capability. It is speculated that the new crossover will get a completely new battery pack, developed and produced by Samsung SDI. The plant is less than two hours from Audi’s factory in Hungary, where the new 2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid will be produced. So, it is pretty obvious that this model will be one of the users of products from the new facility. Expect extended all-electric range, compared to the TT Offroad. This concept was good for about 30 miles, while the new production model should go over 50.

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid rear view

2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid release date and competition

The 2019 Audi Q4 Hybrid will be a completely new model and we expect to see its premiere somewhere in the next year. After the premiere, production should start quite soon. So, we will probably see the new model on the market in the second half of the next year. Competitors are pretty familiar. Main rivals will be models from BMW and Mercedes, their coupe-like crossovers.

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