BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept

The BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept, a flagship SUV for the BMW brand, is expected to have a hydrogen fuel-cell powering it, according to rumors. The X7 will make its red-carpet entry at the Frankfurt motor show. The hydrogen fuel-cell powered engine is not a new concept for BMW, with models like the 7-series undergoing testing for this technology, about 10 years ago.

The BMW now seeks to add this hydrogen fuel cell concept into their first consumer vehicles. What makes the fuel cell great, is that vehicles can cover more mileage when compared to vehicles that are fully electric-powered. Also, with the fuel cell, there are no emissions when traveling.

The BMW X7 Fuel Cell will be a proper seven-seat SUV crossover, the company’s first. Manufacturing of this model is expected to be done at the South Carolina plant where the X3, X6, and X5 are being made.

BMW X7 Fuel Cell front

BMW X7 Fuel Cell РAppearance and Interior

When it comes to appearance, the BMW X7 Fuel Cell will resemble the standard version of the X-series. Meaning, its external features will mostly be the same as the X5. However, expect to see a two-kidney and larger grille, and a bumper that is unique and completely different from the one for the X5.

The interior of the BMW X7 Fuel Cell will have a roomy space with three seat rows, convenient and comfortable for a family. Also, you will expect a state of the art infotainment system to grace the interior of this BMW X7 Fuel Cell, offering easy navigation for the driver.

BMW X7 Fuel Cell interior

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Engine

We expect that the same type of fuel cell that powered the 5-series prototype will be used in the BMW X7 Fuel Cell Concept SUV. The 5-series converted the hydrogen that was being fed to it into electricity, powering a 180 KWh motor. Apart from the hydrogen fuel-cell powered engines, the X7 Fuel Cell Concept will still feature engines that were traditionally used. The 444-horsepower 4.4-litre two-turbocharged V8 may make their appearance in this upcoming X7.

For its performance, the hydrogen engine will cover more distance as compared to other fuel sources. This will make the vehicle convenient since at full capacity it can perform better than other fuel-powered engines, hence low consumption of fuel. Just like the electric cars, the engines will be quiet. The zero emissions of the hydrogen fuel-cell engine make it environmentally friendly.

BMW X7 Fuel Cell side

Availability and Affordability

The X7 Fuel Cell will be showcased this year at the motor show in Frankfurt, but will not be available in the market until the first quarter of 2019.

The standard version of the BMW X7 is expected to cost about 70,000 US Dollars. However, the price for the hydrogen fuel-cell powered option is not yet known.

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