Honda Sports EV Concept is very similar to Honda Urban EV

Present-day electric cars are mostly about versatility. All manufacturers are trying to offer a vehicle that will come with amazing range, plenty of space inside, cool technology features. Those true car lovers were always wondered why the amazing drive experience was never a priority. It looks like things are changing for a little bit. Tokyo Motor Show brings many premieres and one of the most interesting concepts is the Honda Sports EV.

This concept comes with a pretty interesting design. It is probably the first electric car that puts the driving experience in the first place. Forget about practicality, forget about comfort, this model is here to put a smile on your face. Unfortunately, it is just a concept car for now, although there are big chances to see is a production model.

Honda Sports EV Concept front view

Honda Sports EV Concept is very similar to Honda Urban EV

One thing is for sure, the new Honda Sports EV Concept is very similar to Honda Urban EV. The Urban EV had a premiere just a month ago, so this is no surprise. These two models share the same new all-electric platform, which should be the starting point for many future electric cars from Honda. For many people, these two concepts look very close. This seems logical in for many reasons.

First of all, those concepts are both electric vehicles that ride on the same platform. Also, both models resemble some classic Honda models, featuring a whole bunch of retro design solutions. However, these retroelements are here to provide nothing more but some dose of exclusivity. In all other aspects, new concepts are highly advanced. They feature modern materials, latest technologies etc.

Honda Sports EV Concept side view

Honda Sports EV Concept is very similar to Honda Urban EV in styling

In terms of styling, both models feature a high dose of retro flavor. While the older Urban EV closely resembles the old Civic, the newer Sports EV comes in a completely different manner. This concept brings the spirit of sports cars from 60’s and 70’s. It is some kind of a modern adaption of the classic S600 model. Despite its stupendous design, production lasted for only three years.

Honda Sports EV Concept rear view

The new Sports EV Concept features pretty much the same baselines. Unlike modern sharp cars and concepts, this one is pretty rounded. it is a perfect cocktail of old-school round lines and futuristic panels that combine metal and glass/plastic materials.

Honda Sports EV Concept design characteristics

The new Honda Sports EV Concept was unveiled yesterday and company didn’t give us many details about design characteristics. We know that the new concept sharer platform with Urban EV, but come with different design characteristics. While the Urban EV has a capacity for 4 passengers, the new Sports EV is a two-seat coupe. It is a sporty coupe, so we expect to see some great performances as well. So far, we didn’t manage to gain any information about powertrain.

When it comes to the interior design, we expect to find many similarities with Urban EV. However, this model should feature two sporty bucket seats, instead of a front bench. On the other side, we are pretty sure that some of those massive screens will find their space in new Sports EV concept too.

Honda Sports EV Concept future

One day after concept’s premiere, it is hard to predict its future. One thing is for sure, this is definitely something that present-day car market needs. Despite their undisputed benefits, most of the electric cars are pretty boring to drive. If you are for some fun, you have to pay a real fortune. The affordable but attractive and fun to drive an electric car is something that market needs and Honda Sports EV Concept looks like the car we looked for.

Honda Sports EV Concept interior

Honda didn’t announce any information about serial production yet. However, if we consider that Urban EV will most likely come to specific markets by 2020, it looks like this concept also has big chances to become something more than a concept.

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