Mercedes Benz EQA Concept

Many car manufacturers prepared new production models and concept cars for the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, but Mercedes Benz EQA Concept is definitely one of the highlights. To remind you, famous German car maker started with a completely new brand called EQ.

This new line of cars is all about electric vehicles and we have already seen few presentation. There is an EQC that will come next year as a production model, and also the first electrified model from AMG division, AMG GT. The company plans to launch at least ten new electric models until 2022. This will be the next in line.

We saw plenty of new things on the EQA Concept and we hope that most of these design solutions will find its way to the production model, which should come in about two years. The new concept has its presentation at the current auto show in Frankfurt.

Mercedes Benz EQA Concept

Mercedes Benz EQA Concept design

The Mercedes Benz EQA Concept comes with the company’s new design philosophy. When it comes to production, it will be a completely new model that will be compact in size. The new concept car is about 169 inches long, 71 wide and 52 inches tall. Wheelbase is around 107.5 inches.

These dimensions are similar to models like VW Golf and Audi A3. So, the new model will be compact in size and it should compete with electric cars such as Tesla Model 3. Besides dimensions, we also know that this concept rides on a completely new architecture that utilizes some advanced technologies in terms of light materials.

Mercedes Benz EQA Concept styling

The new styling is by far the most interesting aspect of the Mercedes Benz EQA Concept. This concept car comes with pretty unique, extremely attractive styling and we hope that the production model will not come with bigger modifications. It completely follows design language of the new EQ series and has many similarities with the recently-presented EQC.

Mercedes Benz EQA Concept side view

The most prominent part of the new car is the front end that features integrated headlights and grille. Headlights feature a laser LED tech that uses fiber instead of diodes, which gives a 3D look. The grille design is pretty much the same as on the AMG GT. If features a black panel display that changes graphics depending on the driving mode. If you drive in a Sport mode, it lights blue, while in the Sport Plus model you will see a familiar red Panamericana grille.

Mercedes Benz EQA Concept powertrain

The Mercedes Benz EQA Concept comes with plenty of power. The new concept comes with a completely new powertrain. It features two electric motors with a total output of 268 horsepower and 368 pound-feet of torque. This amount of power will provide amazing performances, so expect that new model will go from 0 to 60 in less than five seconds. Power comes to all wheels, and there are two driving modes, as we already mentioned.

When it comes to range, the new model will be good enough for almost 250 miles. This concept also features a fast-charging option. With this amazing feature, you can charge your battery for the 62-miles range in just 10 minutes. We hope that this feature will be available for the serial production model.

Mercedes Benz EQA Concept rear view

Mercedes Benz EQA Concept production

The Mercedes Benz EQA Concept will surely become a production car, but we still don’t know when it will exactly come. According to some reports, it will probably come in 2019. So, we will have to wait two years to see it on street. This is the time that company needs to make this car appropriate for serial production. We hope that most of the design characteristic will remain the same, although some parts could be replaced as well.

The new model will compete with other compact electric cars and we expect to see plenty of luxury inside, just like it is the case with all models from this manufacturer. Some reports suggest a price around 35.000 dollars, but you should take this information with big reserve.

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