Honda FCEV Concept News, Price

One of the most good-looking cars of the century is definitely the Honda FCEV concept. Its futuristic design and state of the art styling make it miles ahead of any other vehicle.

It can simply be described as clever engineering wrapped in an eye-catching exterior. Talk about a standalone fuel-cell vehicle with the latest technology that is powerful, efficient and comfortable.

Honda FCEV front

Honda FCEV – State of the Art Styling

The roof of the new model Honda FCEV and windshield are steeply raked while the hood is angled and yet they blend so beautifully together. The headlight and grille combination can only be described as amazing, and the best part is that they are completely backlit. The frontal view depicts power because of how strongly it is defined with the front corners and LED running lights.

The rear window is nearly horizontal and the roof is very low making it look very cool. Even the rear-wheel fairings are made to be quite awesome by the fact that you can create room by punching them out. From a glance, you can easily think the main body tucks neatly behind the rear tapers and wheels due to the clever use of black plastic.

The interior of the Honda FCEV concept is made up of top quality material and can comfortably accommodate 5 adults. Inside is a climate control system and a two-screen satellite navigation system. One screen is for instrument cluster while the other is for the navigation/infotainment system.

Honda FCEV interior

Honda FCEV – Engine and Performance

It is manufactured to be the ultimate hybrid with two different resources packed under one engine space. These include an elegant battery and a hydrogen gas cell stack that produces approximately 3kW/L to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. The Honda FCEV Concept is estimated to be cable of covering 300 miles per hour.

The performance of this particular vehicle is pretty much flawless with a quick refueling span. It is expected to deliver an incredible 60% increase when it comes to power density. Fuel-conscious consumers get to never worry about fuel when it comes to this particular model.

Storage Space

Most people naturally expected it to have a small storage space in the trunk because of the hydrogen tank. The storage space, however, is quite large because of the long rear design. The fuel cell stack size is also reduced by 33% to ensure it does not eat into the trunk volume thereby increasing the storage capacity.

In the FCX Clarity storage was a huge problem and the fuel cell stack even eliminated the center rear-seat position but this will not be a problem with the FCEV concept.

Honda FCEV side

Honda FCEV – Price and Expected Release Date

The price is expected to be in the range from $35.000 to 45.000 which makes it quite affordable. The main obstacle is the availability of hydrogen infrastructure, which is expected to be resolved within the coming years.

The Honda FCEV concept is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles with a pretty favorable price tag. When you want an evergreen vehicle, then it is without a doubt your best choice.

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