Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models

The executives of Italian supercar makers hinted at Frankfurt Auto Show that Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models. However, the two companies did not mention any plans concerning the premiere of all-electric sports cars in their next lineup. Apparently, a lot of automakers plan on electrifying their entire lineup. The most of them announcing plans to deliver hybrid and all-electric cars in the next couple of years.

Although Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models, the two Italian firms did not discuss plans to offer full electric vehicles in their next releases. They are presently working on hybrid models of their sports cars sans a pure EV. The Lamborghini and Ferrari’s executives confirmed this last week in Germany at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models

Ferrari and Lamborghini will Focus on Hybridization as their First Step

The Ferrari’s Chief of Technology, Michael Leiters, commented that he couldn’t figure out a wholly electric Ferrari sports model following the current technological limitations. The Michael suggested that there was a need for more time and innovation for the automaker to accomplish the same level of performance and driving pleasure we have today. Things like these are essential for the company, which is why the first step is hybridization. For now, therefore, the Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models with no electrification in the lineup.

The Lamborghini CEO, Stefano Domenicali, echoed his sentiments during the same function in Frankfurt. Stefano, who had a chance to give his remarks on the impending Lamborghini Hybrid Model, suggested that plans were underway to put energy into developing hybrids. He said that Lamborghini is seeking to completely exploit the potential of its V-10 and V-12 naturally-aspirated powertrains. He also said, and I quote” I cannot figure out electricity becoming an immediate development in the super sports car segment, but hybridization certainly becomes a reality”.

The Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models which focus on comfortable luxury cruising and ultimate truck performance. The two car models will definitely showcase a touring heritage.

Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models

More Electrified and Hybrid Vehicles Coming Soon

The Volvo became one of the first car makers to announce earlier this year that it was going to jump onto the electrification bandwagon. Volvo hinted that all its car models sold from 2019 would carry an electric motor. On the other hand, the Bentley announced in mid-2017 that all models that will be sold by the company in the next few years would feature a plug-in hybrid technology.

The Aston Martin Company did announce last month that all its models will supply a hybrid technology by mid-2020s. The BMW plans are underway to deliver about 25 electrified vehicles along with 12 all-electric cars by 2025. Also, the McLaren, revealed last year that half of its entire lineup would carry a hybrid powertrain by 2022.

Ferrari and Lamborghini will offer hybrid models in the Next Five Years

As earlier stated, all-electric Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar will not be available on our roads anytime soon. Nevertheless, we expect that fellow car makers will be making statements regarding their inbound all-electrified lineups shortly.

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