2019 Lexus ES 300H Redesign, Engine

The 2019 Lexus ES 300H is a luxury and fuel-efficient sedan that will be released in this year. The first model has been a staple in the auto industry since 2012. What started out as a compact car has grown into a comfortable mid-size vehicle. This car has become the second-best selling model.

The vehicle will get a new design and improved specs and features. Hybrids are becoming the car that everyone wants, as they attempt to be more environmentally friendly. This vehicle is a complete upgrade from their previous models.

2019 Lexus ES 300H front

2019 Lexus ES 300H Design and Tech

Not only does the outside matter, but the inside is important as well. The 2019 Lexus ES 300H has a new interior and comes with leather upholstery, which is standard on all models. There is also a wave of new technology in the vehicle including updated touchscreen with improved graphics. You also now have a smartphone connection, premium sound system, and an upgraded navigation system. They also include a bunch of top-tier safety features and driver assist features.

2019 Lexus ES 300H Interior

When it comes to the interior, you have more than enough legroom and shoulder space for every passenger. The included sunroof doesn’t cut into the headroom of the back passengers. They have integrated bamboo into interior parts as well as the trim. The leather blends perfectly with the bamboo. They have cleaned up the center console providing with more compact controls. The back row is not collapsible which limits your cargo space.

2019 Lexus ES 300H interior

2019 Lexus ES 300H Engine and Performance

The engine is where the true power is. The new model Lexus ES 300H will have the powerful V6 engine, that comes with 2.5 liters four-cylinder engine. This engine comes with electric motor and battery pack that delivered more than 200 horsepower.

It will come with an 8-speed auto transmission and with a front wheel drive system. The car is rumored to be able to reach 60 miles per hour in 6.5 seconds. The top speed is likely to be 130 miles per hour. As for the EPA rating or fuel economy, this car will deliver 40 mpg in combined driving.

2019 Lexus ES 300H rear

2019 Lexus ES 300H MSRP and Release Date

The 2019 Lexus ES 300H is estimated to be around $42,000 and is expected to enter the market a few months before the start of 2019.


The Lexus ES 300H is a luxury vehicle and is perfect for anyone looking for a sports luxury design vehicle. It’s not the vehicle for someone looking to take group trips in but can make your morning commute enjoyable.

This model gives you the power and durability to make it from point to point. This is a mid-size luxury vehicle that is strong enough to compete with other sporty luxury cars. If you want a car to cruise around town with, this is the perfect car to do it with. On sunny days, you can open the sunroof and let in the fresh air and sun. When it enters the market the 2019 Lexus ES 300H with all its guts and glory, will be ready for action. Its main opponents are Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid.

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