Is this the most advanced electric drivetrain?

Headings like the most advanced electric drivetrain definitely sound way too confident, or maybe not in this case. You may head of the company called GKN, but most of the people definitely not.

This is a company from Brittany that produces some of the most advanced components in the car industry. They provide many car manufacturers from all around the world. Moreover, they even produce advanced aerospace components. For this occasion, it is just about the car industry.

This company is already famous among cars lovers for some great products. For example, they provided a famous Drift Mode for the new Ford Focus RS, while models like Porsche 918 Spyder and BMW i8 get their electrified front axles from this manufacturer. Now, they are going even further and introduce a completely new drivetrain for electric cars, which should be the most advanced electric drivetrain in the world.

GKN electric

The most advanced electric drivetrain details

This product from GKN comes with several benefits. Compared to drivetrains available at the moment, there are several advantages. First of all, it comes with a two-speed transmission that is integrated with the electric motor. The whole system is much more compact than other units with similar power output. These compact dimensions make it highly versatile and usable for various kinds of cars. This includes both electric and hybrid vehicles.

Moreover, it can be used for models with FWD, AWD, and RWD as well. Even, off-road vehicles can use this drivetrain. As we already mentioned, the most advanced electric drivetrain features a two-speed transmission, which provides advantages in many aspects, including efficiency. Finally, there is a torque vectoring capability, which significantly improves handling.

gkn electric vehicles

Production of the most advanced electric drivetrain

The most advanced electric drivetrain will be used for production models for sure. However, it is still hard to predict when it will be ready for a mass use. Some reports suggest next year, while some expect it to come in 2019. We have no doubt that many manufacturers will use this drivetrain.

gkn electric engine

For now, we know that several demonstration models will be ready in next few months, but we will still have to wait how the new system will work in cold weather. “The new system called eTwinsterX is going to be unrivaled in terms of capabilities and we are expecting customers from all around the worlds”. These are the word of company’s spokesman.

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