NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV

The NIO company is founded in 2014, but ever since it became one of the leaders in innovation. Coming from China, its designers and developers are paying a lot of attention to every detail. Nevertheless, radical inventions are a trademark of the company. The segment where they launch the most interesting platforms is premium electric class.

The latest technology allows them to develop one of the best autonomous driving systems. Now, they go step further with NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV. Some details are already available since we could see sneak-peak at Shanghai car show. However, development is still in progress, and this crossover is not going to hit the roads anytime soon. Fans will have to wait and be patient since NIO is preparing the perfect vehicle.

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV platform

Every NIO product is worthy of attention. We got used to their Formula E vehicle. Only electric vehicles can enter this championship. However, now there is an expansion of the lineup, with crossover. The NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV will probably use the similar platform, with some solutions same as for Formula E car.

From R&D department, we know that vehicle is going to be at least 5 meters long. This is similar dimension as Range Rover offers. The wheelbase is 3 meters, which is another similarity to Range’s SUV. However, any concept is going to introduce various innovative features and technology. It is hard to tell at this moment what to expect in next year, but from what we see from NIO with every new model, nothing but spectacular will happen.

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV side view

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV details

Driving system of the NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV is something special. This company is using two electric motors as a source of power. Each of them is for front and rear wheels. Furthermore, adaptive suspension pairs perfectly to this system. For faster recharging, there is a replaceable battery. So, when one runs out with power, the driver can easily swap it with a spare one.

However, this is going to be an extra cost for buyers. Bosses announced that more aluminum is used for body and other parts. With it, the crossover will maintain perfect weight for the best performance. From what we could see in Shanghai, at the auto show, we can expect aggressive lights with X-shape of front trim.

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV interior

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV release date

The premiere of the NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV could happen in 2018. This is what the hard-core fans are expecting. Nevertheless, official information about this is missing. However, it can happen somewhere late next year. By then, NIO will test the market with the new electric supercar. Its model EP9 costs more than 1,3 million dollars.

On the other end, crossover’s price will reach 1,5 million dollars. The Chinese company will launch 6 EP9 vehicles initially, and then 10 more. A similar plan is expected for ES8 crossover. But, this one could lure more attention with its design and technology. Buyers in China will be the first in the queue for purchase.

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV rear view

NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV expectations

With a hefty price tag, it is obvious that not so many fans will be able to get a copy of their favorite vehicle. Nevertheless, NIO is there to make radical changes to the industry. Many experts believe that electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems are future. So, it gives an advantage to the Chinese carmaker. So far, they prove themselves at racing class, but taking all the technology to SUV segment is not so simple. Modifying of the vehicles is a hard task even for such companies with a lot of experience. There is no doubt that NIO ES8 7 seater electric SUV will make shakes in the industry, but will it live, we will see. Even experts are not together in their opinions.

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