Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid Will Be Released In 2023

If we can trust latest reports, it looks like even the most iconic sports car of all time is going to get an electrified version. The new Porsche 911 will come in a plug-in hybrid variant, most likely sometime in 2023. The company already works on the next-generation 911, which is in the late stage of development. A testing model has been spotted for a couple of times so far and the new version should be ready for the next year. Most likely it will come somewhere in the second half of 2018, as the 2019-year model.

However, the new plug-in hybrid version will not come so soon. This version still needs to get a green light for production and it will probably come somewhere in 2023, which is in the middle of new generation’s production cycle.

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid redesign

As we already mentioned, the new Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid will probably come in the mid-life of the next generation. It is expected that the new version will feature all those novelties that are about to come with the new generation of the legendary sports car. The new model is in the final, testing stage of development and it has been spotted on the road already. From what we can see, the company will continue evolution that started 55 years ago. We will see a familiar shape, but with some significant improvements.

Porsche has developed a completely new platform for this occasion and it looks like the new generation will be a little bit wider. Although the base shape will remain close, there are many new details to come, such as similar but differently-positioned headlights, one-strip taillight, new spoiler, and also a new interior design with the digital dashboard.

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid interior

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid powertrain

The Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid will come with a completely new powertrain. The company is going to introduce a completely new gasoline-electric system, which should bring many benefits and provide excellent performances. However, we didn’t manage to get more specific details. Most likely, development of the new powertrain is yet to start. The new Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid still needs to get a green light, but the arrival of the new model is pretty certain, especially if we consider that the new architecture features a great flexibility when it comes to powertrain. Also, we heard some stories about a completely new generation of batteries that should bring many benefits.

Until then we will have a choice of several gasoline options, which are about to come already next year. The most common is a 3.0-liter twin-turbo flat-six. In the current generation, it comes in two configurations, with 370 and 420 horsepower.

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid specs

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid styling

The next-generation 911 will definitely come without radical turnarounds, but there are still many amazing styling details to come. The new generation is on its way and should come already next year. It will keep a similar base shape, but there are many new details to come. For example, we will see new headlights, which will keep the similar shape but come in a little bit different angle. It will also feature a new wide spoiler, while taillights will come in one long strip that appears to follow the curve of the rear spoiler’s leading edge. Finally, there are new exhaust tips at the back of the car. Of course, there are new bumpers, with a new shape, larger air-intakes, better aerodynamics and plenty of other new details to come.

Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid release date

The Porsche 911 Plug-In Hybrid will not come so soon. According to the latest reports, it should come sometime in mid-life of the next generation, most likely in 2023. However, you shouldn’t be disappointed at all. The new generation of the most iconic sports car of all time comes already next year, as the 2019-year model. We will see conventional gasoline units first. Versions that will come first are Carrera and Carrera S model, but we expect to see a convertible soon after.

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