2018 Tesla Model X Review, Price

The new model 2018 Tesla Model X exudes a space era look with sleek headlamps and specially designed Falcon wing doors. The Tesla says the doors are ideal when you want to use the car in cramped spaces. The name Tesla has become near synonymous with electric cars and it has been among the pioneers to introduce the concept of electric vehicles for the mass.

While Tesla is yet to start delivery of its electric vehicles on large scale in different markets, the carmaker has big plans for 2018 and next years. The Model X SUV is the first car to roll from Tesla stable. Despite the delay and initial troubles, the excitement around the electric SUV has not diminished much. For 2018, the Model X is getting a makeover. The changes affect the cabin as well as performance.

2018 Tesla Model X


2018 Tesla Model X – Features and Safety

Inside the cabin of the 2018 Tesla Model X, you have seating setup for 5 or 7E adults and cargo management provisions are also excellent. All seats are now coated with the new synthetic covering, replacing the predecessor’s animal hide. It does not look cheap though. It is going to be sold in three trims- 75D, 100 D and P 100 D.

The Tesla is going all way out to ensure the buyers do not feel 2018 Tesla Model X lagging in safety and amenities. All seats have heating but ventilation is not included. The vertical touch screen is a joy to use but is high time Tesla offers support for full Smartphone integration. The falcon-wing unit doors open quite slowly which can be annoying for some users. To ensure users get clean, germ-free air, the cabin is equipped with the latest HEPA filtration system. The cabin also gets Soft LED ambient lighting.

There are eight surround cameras installed in the 2018 Tesla Model X which offers absolute 360-degree vision and 12 ultrasonic sensors help avoid collisions with others and vehicle on road. Active safety features include Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warning, and Side Collision Warning. The software updates are received by advanced sensors to enhance autonomous driving and collision avoidance.

2018 Tesla Model X interior

Engine Specs of the 2018 Tesla Model X

The 2018 Tesla Model X comes with an improved electric powertrain but it is the top notch P 100 D trim that takes the excitement to new levels. It reaches 0 to 60 mph in a jaw dropping 2.9 seconds- which is astounding for an electric vehicle of this size. The 75 D and 75 D AWD are powered by a 75 kWh battery. These can cover 237 miles on a single charge. For 100 D the included 100 kWh battery offers the ability to cover 295 miles. Top notch P100 D can cover 289 miles on a single charge.

The Tesla has been among the first carmakers to focus on autonomous driving technology. In the 2018 model X it deploys Autopilot2 technology, an improvement over the tech used in the first generation car. It works better on highway driving and in congested city traffic, the results are moderate at best. In maximum power mode, it feels very sporty and it is hard to believe the car has an all electric powertrain.

2018 Tesla Model X rear

Cost and Launch Date

As it is, the price of some electric cars are veering towards affordable range but the 2018 Tesla Model X is not for those without deep wallets, sadly. The base 75D trim pricing begins at $79,500. Top notch P100D with customizations can cost as much as $160,000 or so. It is going to be made available for sale soon.

Summing it up

There is no denying the appeal of 2018 Tesla Model X as an all electric SUV with touches of luxury and sportiness. From exterior styling to advanced safety features and autonomous driving, it gets most things right. The top trim offers blazing fast acceleration that can put most of the so called supercars to shame. However, steep pricing ensures it still remains out of reach of the mass. Of course, it will have to battle some contenders. It will face competition from the likes of Skoda Vision E or upcoming Jaguar electric SUV.

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