2018 Tesla Model Y Price, Release Date

The Elon Musk, Tesla CEO made an announcement that the next vehicle being readied for production is 2018 Tesla Model Y. This will be a compact SUV to be positioned below the Model X, which is a large SUV.

The Tesla is one company that played a big role in popularizing the concept of electric vehicles. While the production of most models is taking longer than expected, there is no denying the company is on a roll these days- readying more than one model for commercial production.

2018 Tesla Model Y front

2018 Tesla Model Y – Design and Safety Tech

Ever since the company unveiled the teaser image of upcoming 2018 Tesla Model Y, the fans are going berserk. Unlike Model X, Model Y is not based entirely on the same architecture as Model 3. The CEO also hinted at a new factory for the production of Model Y. The industry reports suggest that this small SUV will have gullwing hinged rear doors, much like bigger sibling Model X. It may be offered in a few trims but those details are yet to be known.

Not much is known about the interior of upcoming Model Y SUV from Tesla. It will definitely have similarities with cabins of both Model S and Model X.

The 2018 Tesla Model Y will have a lot of amenities and latest safety technologies, beyond doubt. It will be equipped with the new version of the company’s Autopilot driver assistance system. There will be many cameras in the car to make this system function as desired. It will also have the latest radar and ultrasonic sensors. The Tesla will also make use of several latest safety measures to evade collisions in this model.

2018 Tesla Model Y interior

2018 Tesla Model Y – Battery Capacity and Range

As expected, the upcoming Model Y from Tesla will be powered exclusively by the electric current but the setup will be different compared to what is being used in other models. The Tesla may not use its 12-volt architecture and hence lead-acid battery may not be used. This will lead to less wiring in the car.

The 75 kWh battery may be used to power the car and a range of 215 -230 miles on a single charge is expected. The rear wheel drive will be offered as standard and AWD will be optional.

2018 Tesla Model Y side

Date of Release and Expected Price

The exact release date of 2018 Tesla Model Y is not clear. It could either be in late 2018 through the buzz also indicates at an early 2019 release date. It shall be priced a tad higher than Model 3 and a tag of $40.000 is logical.


The 2018 Tesla Model Y is going to be an important vehicle for the company. It has a nice design and usage of new electric engine technology will work in its favor. However, releasing it in time is a challenge for Tesla and upon release, the model Y will lock horns with rivals from several contenders like BMW and GM.

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