2019 Tesla Model Y Review, Price

The 2019 Tesla Model Y will be the second crossover from this electric-car manufacturer. After the launch of Model X, the company is about to release a vehicle of the same type, but with different dimensions. The new crossover will be smaller. Despite the fact that the upcoming model is in the advanced stage of development, we don’t know much about it. It looks like the company is trying hard to keep all details as secret. So, even the new model is almost done, we don’t know even which platform will use. To cut the story, pretty much all that you are going to read in this article is based on rumors and speculations. It seems that Tesla managed to keep the new 2019 Model Y under the veil of secret completely. However, we will not have to wait for so long, since the new model should come soon.

2019 Tesla Model Y front view

2019 Tesla Model Y platform

Just like we mentioned, a platform for the new 2019 Tesla Model Y is still under question. So far, there are two possibilities. The first one is about familiar architecture. Most of the reports suggest that the new crossover will have most in common with the Tesla 3 model. This sounds logical since these two models will be in the same segment when it comes to size. So, we can’t see a reason why the company will develop a completely new platform. In the world where all manufacturers are trying to offer as much as better balance between price and quality, additional production and development costs last things they need. However, some sources suggest that the company develops a platform of the completely new generation. The new 2019 Tesla Model Y should be the first model to use it. Despite many potential improvements, we are more for the first scenario.

2019 Tesla Model Y design

We expect 2019 Tesla Model Y to adopt company’s familiar design language. As we already mentioned, additional expenses are unnecessary, so expect familiar styling cues. In terms of exterior look, the new crossover will mostly rely on the bigger Model X. We are pretty sure that these two models will feature pretty close look, although few distinctive details are welcome.

On the other side, expect that the interior design will be close to the Model 3 sedan. Moreover, if the new 2019 Tesla Model Y is going to ride on the same platform, interior design should be pretty much the same. We presume that the company will go with the same minimalistic approach, which includes a large touchscreen at the center as well. In terms of dimensions, we expect a little bit more space, compared to the Model 3. The list of standard equipment should be similar too.

2019 Tesla Model Y interior

2019 Tesla Model Y powertrain

If the 2019 Tesla Model Y is going to come based on the Model 3, we can expect nothing less than the same powertrain. This leads us to the electric motor of a max output of 258 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque. The new sedan offers two battery packs. The smaller 50-kWh is reserved for the base model and provides a max range of 220 miles.

On the other side, a long-range version comes with a 75-kWh battery, which can provide 310 miles on a single charge. So, we can expect similar range with the new crossover as well. Just like on the Model 3, we expect a supercharging option too.

2019 Tesla Model Y side view

2019 Tesla Model Y release date and price

Although unconfirmed, it is expected that the new 2019 Tesla Model Y will come late in the year. This will happen probably in the last quarter of the year. Various reports suggest a price around 40.000 dollars.

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