Tesla Semi-Truck Unveiling, Review, Mpg

With the new Tesla Semi-Truck, the famous electric carmaker is entering a completely new segment of the industry. This manufacturer is even too much versatile when it comes to passenger cars, while this is something completely new. The company that produces sports cars and crossovers now presents a semi-truck.

From what can we see at the first glance, Tesla’s famous design philosophy is present in this truck as well. You can clearly see those aerodynamic lines which promise something more than just simple towing capabilities and similar things. The model also comes with a unique cabin design that puts the driver on the center.

Tesla Semi-Truck front view

Finally, there is a very long claimed range, as well as the fast-charging option. If all these claims turn to be true, we can expect a strong thwack to all those conventional models with a diesel engine. At the end, the new model is completely green.

Tesla Semi-Truck design and features

The new Tesla Semi-Truck had the presentation recently and the first thing that we have noticed is its aerodynamic design. You can easily notice that the company put a great effort provide better airflow. So, it is no wonder that the new model looks more like a race car that some ordinary job truck, especially if we consider all those massive carbon fiber surfaces.

However, the new model is even more impressive inside. The cabin looks more like a cockpit. Driver’s seat is positioned at the center and, since there is no need for a huge diesel engine under the hood, it stands almost above front wheels. All this provides a perfect view for a driver. Also, the new cabin comes with plenty of advanced features, such as large screens, autopilot, hi-quality materials. There is also an additional seat in the back of the driver.

Tesla Semi-Truck side view

Tesla Semi-Truck performances and economy

This is the most important part of the Tesla Semi-Truck. Compared to conventional diesel trucks, there are many advantages. For example, this model is so much quicker that can’t even compare. It needs just 5 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour, which is better than many sports cars. It can tow up to 80.000 pounds and fully-loaded need around 20 seconds to reach 60 mph. Also, it is faster than any diesel truck around. Besides great performances, the company promises great range, over 500 miles on a highway. Also, there is a fast-charging option, where 30 minutes of charging is enough for 400 miles. The new semi-truck should be also more economic. While the current diesel semi-trucks average 1.5 dollars per mile, this one should be good for about 1.25. However, we don’t know how they came to these numbers.

Tesla Semi-Truck production, future, and possible competitors

The production of a new Tesla Semi-Truck should start pretty soon. However, it is still hard to make some predictions about the price. In order to reduce production costs, the company will use many parts of Tesla Model 3 and other cars, from electric motors for each wheel to door handles. If we consider all these facts, new Tesla Semi-Truck could have a great success. Conventional semi-trucks with diesel engines are among biggest pollutants around, so eco-friendly models definitely have a bright future.

Tesla Semi-Truck review

However, there is still a huge job to do. Besides new vehicle, the company also needs a proper infrastructure and this is also an investment that costs millions. Also, there are several competitors that already work on their electric models. For example, there are models like Mitsubishi E-FUSO fully electric Vision One truck with 220 miles of range, or other models with the hybrid hydrogen-powered electric powertrain.

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