2018 VW Golf GTE

The 2018 VW Golf GTE will come with some major changes. According to the latest reports, the company prepares a mid-cycle update of this legend. Currently, in the seventh generation, the Golf is definitely one of the most iconic cars of all time. For all these years, it created the unbeatable reputation as a perfect compact car. Although the competition is tougher than ever, it is still by far the best-selling model in Europe. It also makes some decent results in other parts of the world, but still not good as its iconic rival Corolla. In order to make even better sales, the company offers various versions of this hatchback. There are conventional, but also versions with hybrid and electric powertrains. This is one of the newest additions to the lineup. It comes as some kind of an eco-friendly version of the legendary GTI.

2018 VW Golf GTE

2018 VW Golf GTE design

The 2018 VW Golf GTE is designed to be sporty, but yet environment-friendly. It comes based on a conventional Golf, its seventh generation. Its relation with the iconic GTI is easy to notice. It features the same highlights as the sporty gasoline model, except they are blue instead of red. In terms of styling, you will find many similarities. The shape is pretty much identical, while body kits are also very close. The interior design is also very similar. It even comes with the similar list of standard features. For example, a 5.8-inch touchscreen is a standard feature, while the larger 8.0-inch screen that comes with navigation is optional. For the next year, we will see various changes that will make 2018 Golf GTE even better than the current model.

2018 VW Golf GTE changes

As we already mentioned, 2018 VW Golf GTE will come with several changes. This will be a classic mid-cycle update in all aspects. There will be various new details on the exterior design, but do not expect some larger modifications. After all, this is a German car. Although there will be some nice details, you will hardly notice those changes at first sight, unless there is a pre-facelift model right next to it. The only major change is a set of new bumpers. The 2018 VW Golf GTE will also get new, full LED headlamps instead of previous bi-xenons. When it comes to the interior design, we will see new trim and materials. We will also see several new technology features. The most notable is a new 6.5-inch touchscreen which comes with an updated infotainment system.

2018 VW Golf GTE interior

2018 VW Golf GTE powertrain

When it comes to the powertrain, we won’t see changes. The 2018 VW Golf GTE will come in a familiar plug-in hybrid configuration. It consists of a familiar 1.4-liter gasoline engine, which is good for about 150 horsepower and that comes in a pair with a 75kWh electric motor. It comes with a battery that has a capacity of 9.9 kWh. Together, this combination outputs a respectable amount of power. With a max output of more than 200 horses and 258 pound-feet of torque, you can expect very good performances too. When it comes to the transmission, the 2018 VW Golf GTE comes with a 6-speed DSG triple-clutch transmission that is designed especially for the hybrid vehicles.

2018 VW Golf GTE performances

The 2018 VW Golf GTE will come with nice numbers when it comes to performances. For example, this amount of power makes the car available to reach 60 miles per hour in about 7.6 seconds. A max speed is also respectable, somewhere around 135 miles per hour. In electric mode, this hatchback can go around 80 miles per hour. Range in this mode is around 30 miles and battery needs around 3.5 hours to recharge.

2018 VW Golf GTE rear view

2018 VW Golf GTE release date and price

The refreshed 2018 VW Golf GTE will come by the end of the year. We don’t expect bigger changes in price, so the base model should go around 30.000 dollars.

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